Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Wedding and a winner......

Here comes the Bride.......
 Here comes the breathtaking bride, Hattie is humming I'm So Pretty, I'm So Pretty under her breath ~

Hattie's silk bridal gown was designed by the famous bridal designer Vera Fang of No Luck City ~

The Count isn't running away, I take that as a good sign ~

The Doctor announces them Husband and Wife....Looks like the Good, The Bad and The Ugly to me  ~

Gather around for a piece of  cake wedding guests ~

Hattie's wedding cake was made by Kerry of Ella-Rose Miniatures ~

Come on up and congratulate the happy couple ~

Hattie loves posing for her wedding pictures ~

Now we are going to throw the bouquet, who will catch it ~

Oh crap! Big Simone caught I don't see another wedding any time soon LOL.

Congratulations Mandy! You won the drawing for the witch hat by Kat the Hat Lady!
None of the people in this story are real~
People are never real except after midnight ~

Thank you everyone for attending the wedding and your great comments this month. I will be back soon with more stories and pictures. I feel a little let down with how I did the wedding but didn't have the time to do it like I had planned. I will post Honeymoon pictures soon ~

Happy Halloween!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Halloween Tree and an invitation....

As some readers guessed we are finally going to have the wedding tomorrow. Hattie tells everyone she has finally mended her ways and will really try to be a good witch, more on that at a later date.
It's almost All Hallows Eve, we had better get this party started. This is my Halloween Party room box I made in 2009 for a blog hop party.

 A spooky spider I made this year for my Halloween Tree. If you would like to see pictures of how the tree looked last year when I started it you can visit that blog post here.

I have added a few more decorations this year and will add more next year. I allot myself a day to make new decorations or I would never get things done in real life LOL.

My little display in the dining room this year ~

Looks like we have people gathering at Vulture's Roost. Look at those fancy hats, it must be a special occasion ~

The crowd seems to be growing ~

It looks like a party! Everyone is here. Will someone please untie Harry Houdini so he can get a drink? 

What is the Doctor going to say? He seems to be trying to quiet the crowd down.  Is that Big Foot?

Marie tells the dragons shhhhhh, quiet ~

The Doctor announces The Count has just arrived, it won't be long now ~

This guest has had way too much to drink ~ I love this, it is a wine stopper.

The Count has arrived. Has anyone seen the bride?

To be continued..........

The people in this story are not real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~

Join me tomorrow for a little Halloween wedding.


Monday, October 29, 2012

A lesson in Dragon feelings....

Oliver has decided what needs to be done for the dragons, leave it to a wizzard to know what to do in any situation. Oliver tells Marie and the Doctor he needs to talk to the dragons in privacy. Marie and the Doctor tell Oliver they will be down in the parlor if he needs them. 

Oliver begins to speak to the dragons in a language not known to any man, the dragons seem to understand and start telling Oliver a most interesting story. Vivian tells Oliver that Hattie told them that no dragons will be allowed to attend the wedding. Vivian and the little dragons have been looking forward to the wedding as there are not many chances for the dragons to get out. Oliver assures Vivian and the wee dragons that they will certainly be welcome at the wedding and they were some of the first added to the guest list by Marie and Katrina the wedding planner. Oliver sends word for an old friend to pay Hattie a visit....oh my.  

A huge dragon lady barges in the door of 3 Moons..."Hattie" she bellows.

She looks mad and means business.

How dare you tell the little dragons they can't attend your wedding which is being paid for by Marie and Nigel who have been so understanding of your situation, you have never even uttered a word of thanks for their charity.

It was just a big joke, honest. I didn't really think they would take it so seriously. Please don't hurt me!

I  don't want any more trouble from you Hattie. If you want to attend your own wedding I suggest you rethink how you treat others. I want you to tell the wee dragons they are welcome at the wedding and they get to be in the wedding.

Will there be a wedding? Will Hattie be able to hold on to The Count if he finds out how evil her heart is? Is Hattie really rotten to the bone? So many questions, so few answers......

None of the people in this story are real.

People are never real except after midnight ~

The Dragon Lady was created by Maria Kelly a dear friend of mine.

Stay tuned for another story soon........

Stay safe my eastern friends.


Illyrians's Giveaway!

Be sure to visit Illyria's blog and enter her Halloween giveaway. Her books are Awesome! Here is a link to her blog.

Illyria's Miniatures


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bog Schnargle and sick dragons ~

When we left you Marie was hurrying to answer the door. Who is the strange little creature at the door?

"I am so relieved you have come, hurry we must get upstairs to the Dragon room. The Doctor is already here and nothing he has tried has worked, the poor dragons are sick and I fear the worst. Hurry Oliver !!!

Oliver is a Bog Schnargle Wizzard made by Nicky CC.

Upstairs in the Dragon room Oliver examines the sick dragons. Oliver asks Marie how long the dragons have been in this state of ill health, Marie explains it started about the time Hattie started working at 3 Moons Potions and Notions. What could this have to do with the dragons being sick?

The poor dragons have not ate in days and just lay huddled together, they seem so sad.

Viviane looks like she is going to cry. Stay tuned as the mystery unfolds.

The Halloween drawing will be for this Kat the Hat Lady witch hat! You may comment on this post to be in the drawing plus any other drawings you were in this month the names will be added too.
The back of the beautiful witch hat by Kat the Hat Lady.
All Dragons in this post made by Nicky CC.

Stay tuned as the mystery unfolds and remember :

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Marie answers the knock at the door. Doctor, I have been expecting you. Please come on in and rest your weary body, you have had a long journey. Marie and the Doctor go in the house.

What have we here? Who could this strange creature be?

He turns to glance at us, he doesn't look quite human to me...

He knocks at the door. I hear footsteps coming towards the front door..... to be continued.

I wanted to share my angry jack o' lantern made by Blake of A Bohemian Bazaar. His work is most excellent. Thank you Blake :)

And now to the winners of the drawing ~

Congratulations to Julia of Bear Cabin Miniatures. You won the Owl package ~ Fanny the witch made by Nicky CC.

Congratulations Janice of On Being a Mini Mum. You won the Dragon Package. Please contact me through my Etsy shop with your info ladies ~ The Count made by me, he is Hattie's husband to be for you who have not followed the story thus far.

That is it for today, I will be back soon with lots of Halloween Cheer and on Halloween we will draw for a Witch hat made by Kat the Hat Lady. I was going to decorate one to draw for but have decided to offer one of my own :) I will also have a secret surprise post for Halloween so stay tuned.

I want to wish Special Friend Maria Kelly Happy Birthday today.


Thank you Irina! and Giveaway reminder ~

I received a surprise package from Irina who's blog is Narina Napertaa. When I opened the package I found a Christmas wrapped box with a note on top. I was glad to read it was a  joke not to open till December 23. If you know me you will know it would send me to a real asylum if I had a package I had to wait that long to open :)

The wrapping had bears! And Irina wrote me a real letter, I have not had a real letter since my Great Aunt died, what a treat.
I tore open the package to find a box, I had already read in the letter that this was a wedding gift for Hattie. 

In the box for Hattie was a bag of...........

Hattie's gifts! She loves everything Irina!
The package contained these sweet books, this one is Healing Herbs
It opens and you can actually read the pages! Beautiful work Irina!
And another book!
This book as beautiful as the first. Thank you so much Irina, Hattie had nothing of her own. This is a nice start to her household.

I will be back later with a little story and the winners of the Owl and Dragon drawing.