Monday, August 30, 2010

The Top Floor

First I want to comment that I have reached that magic 50 readers and say Thank You. I never thought when I started this blog that more than 10 or 15 people would be interested. Welcome Cheri ( Art2ArtColorado on Etsy) who is a wonderful digital and mixed media artist and Sharon. I will post about the give away in the next day or two. We had a great weekend at Secret Squirrel, April sold 5 paintings in her little art show on the porch. Only one lady was rude about her art which is sad, somethings are better left to yourself.

Now to the rest of Folly...
The top floor has 3 rooms. First the music room which wasn't planned, I was gifted with a piano so I stuck it in an empty room. I then made chairs, tables and pictures. I don't know if I will keep this a music room in the remodel or not. Next is the bathroom which is my favorite room. Just like in my house I went all out on this room. The corner tub and commode are black and came in a set. I bought the sink separably and jammed it with bottles. I made the monogrammed towels from a thin t shirt. The rug is made with a printie from Jim's pages if I remember right. I made the pictures, plants and poppies growing in the Cinnabar lid.
Last is the bedroom. Not liking this room much. I hate the wall paper and light that I crafted from a ping pong ball. The hatboxes, stool, perfume bottles, pictures, pillows and Egyptian vases were made by me. I would like to age this furniture, I now know I don't like new looking any thing except puppies.

I feel this was a little boring but this house bores me to tears.