Monday, October 10, 2011

Vulture's Roost News and a new Drawing............

Congratulations to Birgit the winner of the Dragon scroll set and other goodies ~

This weeks drawing is hosted by Lucas ~ He is offering a set of red drippy candles and a Bat Study stack of aged papers ~
To enter you need to be a follower and post a comment on this blog post, if you are having blog comment trouble you may email me at  and I will add your name to the draw ~ You may post my contest on your blog if you wish ~

Hattie had so much good advice we put the names of those who offered advice in the box and drew Irina, please email me your info so I can mail your prize ~
Hattie has decided to cast a tiny spell on the Count....who knows if she has the right stuff, looks like a giant mess to me ~ plan B is to send out the bats after him but there are no bats at Vultures Roost ~ what a mess Hattie has made in the kitchen, Nigel is going to kill her when he sees it ~ Nigel won't let anyone else cook....bossy werewolves ~" I would like to cast a spell on him so his hair all falls out" Hattie mutters to herself ~ "I guess I will try to call some bats now, where is the spell book?"
The Count's bed has been made ready....will he ever sleep here? 
Aunt Agnes moved over to Simone's cabin to avoid all the drama ~ Simone placed her over her potion chest so she could help make potions even though Agnes hasn't uttered a word in 500 years ~ 
Back at Vulture's Roost we seem to be having a snake problem on the Vulture Terrace...oh crap Hattie you called snakes not bats!!!! " Who needs a recipe" famous last words ~
Snakes everywhere ~ Snakes alive.....what are we going to do? Looks like Nigel is going to have to cook up some more snakes ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~


And the Winner is.........

The winner of this weeks drawing is Birgit ~
Birgit wins a Dragon scroll set and some other goodies ~
Congratulations Birgit, please email me your info  at  ~

Thank you to all who entered and stay tuned for the next drawing which will be announced this evening ~

Thank you and Hugs,