Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meet my Muse Annie

Meet Anarchy Princess of Darkness, you can just call her Annie. Annie oversees all projects going on in the studio. She isn't very good at crafting yet as she is all thumbs. Down the road you will meet the other half of Dark Squirrel, the real dark half.

Welcome to my Asylum

Greetings friends... I enjoy so many other peoples blogs I thought I would start my own. I will share miniature projects that I am working on and share pictures of past commissions and work I have sold. My other goal is to spark the interest of young people into the world of miniatures, to show that it isn't all about picture perfect doll houses. I started out in miniatures 35 years ago trying to do picture perfect and found it to be boring, every time I try normal it just doesn't work out so welcome darkness. I am a 54 year old grandmother so don't be scared. First I will start with a Pirates Cupboard I just finished for a customer, Enjoy.

Hope I didn't put anyone to sleep,
Dark Squirrel Victoria