Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vulture's Roost has grown a lawn...

I had this lawn mat that I had forgotten about, I think it looks much better than the moss.  I am also thinking about changing out the tree, I saw this one setting on the shelf of my studio, it will need to be grunged up a bit for my taste. You have to remember I am only using stuff I already have to finish the house. Any money spent will be for contents made by other miniature artists. This is my Recession House ~
I made a little stone walk way and edging for the lawn from egg carton, I am not finished painting on it yet ~
The Zombunnies don't seem to mind that the grass is artifical, but I don't think they eat grass anyway ~
The big so far view ~

I will be making a give away post tonight or tomorrow so stay tuned.

Victoria ❤