Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vulture's Roost Update ~ Kitchen fireplace...

The dilemma... I wanted a huge fireplace for the witches to cook in. It needed to be huge in a tiny kitchen, after much indecision I decided to sacrifice a window and build a custom size fireplace to fit this space ~ I have had this cast iron cauldron for years and thought it would be perfect to hang over the fire... how wrong I was ~  

I built a wood base to just fit in my opening ~ I then got my trusty egg carton stash and cut bricks  to line the  firebox and hearth ~ I then got all my bricks glued and a coat of my trusty black paint, in between all this I was sending pictures to friend Julie ~ I then cut stones for the wall and glued them and applied much paint ~ Here you have the bare bones so to speak ~

I then added trim and my mantel with the green beads ~ I  had planned on going around my hearth with fancy iron work but I broke it ~ I tore up my studio looking for something to use and thought I will make it with card stock ~ So I found some fancy edge scissors, cut my card stock and glued it on adding more paint ~ I snapped this picture with my cauldron and vintage andirons I had planned to use  ~ I also added a shelf to the top  ~ I liked this but didn't think the andirons were working and my cauldron looked dinky :( I then remembered this brass cauldron that I thought would be too big to ever use in a 1/12 scale house ~ I stuck the brass cauldron in and thought it worked but had to send poor Julie pictures ~ 

Here is a picture of my almost finished fireplace with the brass cauldron and a bit of my brass collection just to see how it will look someday ~ Sorry for all the pictures Julie ~

The Witches Kitchen at Vultures Roost ~ The fireplace still needs a few tweaks and I need to do a proper fire ~ I had no idea it would take me 3 days to build a simple fireplace ~

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