Monday, June 4, 2012

Ara's package has arrived!!!

I won Ara's 300 Follower Giveaway and my package has arrived....Yippie!!!  I won this awesome chair made by Ara and also included was a picture (more about it next) and this scary skeleton. I love it all Ara! Thank you so much. Please visit Ara's Addam's Family Mini Mansion blog and BentleyHouseProductions, Ara's etsy shop.

This Charles Addams picture was a surprise gift in my package, I LOVE it!!! This treasure will go in my vampire mansion as will the chair and probably the skeleton :)

I couldn't wait to try the chair in the mansion...should it go in this room? I am going to tone down the wallpaper in this room with a dark wash. Maybe we should ask the VonAmber's where the chair is to go...... Who are the VonAmber's you ask, well let me introduce you.

Meet August and Ember VonAmber the newlywed vampire couple who bought this mansion in need of so much work. I was waiting to introduce the VonAmbers until after the wedding but the chair is just so perfect for this house. I promise to tell you more of the VonAmber's story soon.

Thank you so much Ara! What a lovely day this has been.