Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zombies and Werewolves and Witches too...oh my

Good Evening Everyone! Sorry I disappeared for a few days, I have been fighting a mild cold/flu and haven't been up to par. I failed to post the date for the Owl drawing....sorry. The Owl Drawing will be tomorrow evening, we will also be drawing for a House of Miniatures desk kit donated by Wooten Miniatures. Now on to the Zombies and Werewolves :)

Lets start with Werewolves also know as Lycanthrope. This is Nigel my wolf I made, he isn't really a Werewolf in fact I used my dog as a model to sculpt him. Nigel has a cousin who is a Werewolf.
Remember Winston Nigel's cousin? Now this is a Werewolf LOL. My daughter gifted me with Winston, I am a sucker for auction figures. Many unusual characters will be attending Hattie and The Count's wedding.

Werewolves have such a bad rap, I am so glad mine are friendly :)
Every year at this time I try to make a Werewolf potion collection, this is this years Lycanthrope collection available in my etsy shop Dark Squirrel. Only 3 will be made of this collection.

A group of witches by Nicky CC standing around on of my cauldrons. Looks like they are ready for Halloween . I will be showing more of Nicky's wonderful dolls later in the week :)
This is a Witchy dresser set I made for a commission, I love the red and purple the customer choose.
Zombie collection 2012 available in my shop Dark Squirrel ~
One of my favorite shows is Walking Dead so you will always find Zombie bottles in my shop, I think I have one of these left. I really don't like a lot of blood and gore and am more of an old school horror fan, maybe because I am old LOL.

I will be back tomorrow for the drawing and with a story.

Until then,