Monday, October 3, 2011

Vulture's Roost Fall Celebrations...News, Giveaways and a Wedding ~

Greetings to new friends and old, sorry we have been away for so long ~
 We are back for our favorite month October ~
Fall has arrived and the leaves are changing ~ We have many giveaways planned for October  ~
Marie is hosting the first giveaway ~ a set of 5 white glow in the dark shabby style pumpkins ~
Leave a comment and your blog or contact info on this post to enter, winner will be drawn on Thursday October  6 ~ Now on to the happenings at Vulture's Roost ~

The wedding guests have already started to arrive ~ This is cousin Fanny just arrived from the UK. Marie has not seen Fanny in years ~ Fanny was created by Nicky CC ~

Here we are over at Big Simone's cabin. She is just about all moved in now  ~

Simone's cabin ~ she still has more decorating to do but with getting ready for the wedding it will have to wait ~

Simone's loft bedroom ~ her books and a few boxes have not arrived yet ~

Simone's kitchen and potion nook ~ Simone is a modern witch and loves modern furniture, especially animal prints ~

We still have cobwebs but what witch doesn't ~ Beautiful rug by  Dales Dreams ~

Nigel, Hattie, Cousin Fanny, Cousin Carlanne, Shadow and Marie are making plans for the wedding which will be held in the front garden of Vulture's Roost ~
Hattie is worried that the Count might not show as she hasn't heard a word from him in over a month ~ She will keep silent for now and maybe work up a spell to bring him to her ~

Don't forget to comment on this post to enter this weeks drawing ~
If you would like to purchase a set of the white pumpkins  I have them in my shop here ~ White Pumpkins at Dark Squirrel ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~

Thank you and Hugs,