Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vulture's Roost Progress...more fireplaces and more ~

You will have to excuse the quality of my photos today, it is cloudy so my pictures are bad. This is the drawing room fireplace I crafted out of wood and egg carton, I cheated and lined them with plastic brick which I am not a fan of. I did use all the plastic brick I had so that is a plus. I used some vintage braid for the fire box front and added some logs, you won't really be able to see into the fireplaces so I am happy how they look ~

Here is what the drawing room looks like with the new fireplace ~ Notice the perfect candelabra  which was a gift from Glenda  who thought it would be perfect for Vulture's Roost. The candles are from Lorraine of Dfly Creations, they fit perfectly in the candle cups. I will do dripping wax on them at another time ~

This is the fireplace I made for the Dragon Room, much the same as the other only I was able to use my vintage andirons in this one ~  I am really itching to start loading the dragon room but have a few more things to do in the attic before I get too crazy ~

The Dragon Room with her new fireplace ~ you might have noticed how the window sills are cutout between the windows, that is so a cupboard will fit there that I built years ago ~ That is Titan the Dragon between the windows, don't worry he died of old age ~ Titan was crafted by Nicky CC, who is The Mini Dragon Queen ~

The attic floor is finally down ~ I cut what seemed like a million little wood strips, sanded and glued them down. I sanded them again and added some stain and an ink wash to age the floor ~ this will be a dorm style bedroom for the witches and vampires ~ 

I decided to punch out the trap door to the attic, there will be a ladder up to the attic ~ the witches will have the bigger room and the vampires will have their coffin beds in the little part ~ I am going to hang a curtain divider between the two spaces so the witches will have their privacy ~  I will probably start building the coffin beds next and try to find some red silk and velvet for their bedding ~

I want to Thank everyone who has joined my blog and left a link to theirs, I joined a lot of great blogs this week ~

Well kids that is it for this week ~ Don't forget to sign up for my drawing on April 2 ~

Till Later
Victoria ❤