Friday, May 18, 2012

Thank you Followers!

 Wow! I can't say Thank you enough to all of you who follow my blog and have commented. As you know with a broken wrist i can't do much and it is driving me crazy so I thought I would share some projects I have started and a WIP cupboard I had started before my accident. I will start with the cupboard today and share my projects in the following days.
This is what I started with, it is a vintage thimble display. I added a back and a shelf to make it  taller ~  I  was able to find two of these displays so I am a happy camper :)
I still have so much to make for this so I mostly stare at it and plan what to make when I can ~

I haven't got too far on this as you can see, lucky for me I had some bottles started and had made the candles  ~ I have been able to glue a few things so far ~

I have decided to call this The Elegant Witch ~ It will be filled with glass potions and just a few bead bottles ~

Well that is where I stand on this project, I do have some cauldrons I made before my accident that just need to be filled so I will be working on them as I think I can do that ~

I am offering a discount code for my Etsy shop Dark Squirrel's Shop ~ the code is DSBLOG for 20% off all orders, even international. You will need to add the code at checkout in the coupon code box . The code is good until June 1 2012 ~

That is all for today ~ If you are on FaceBook you can follow my Miniature Asylum with the badge at the right. I always post new additions to my shop, news and coupon codes there.