Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Wedding and a winner......

Here comes the Bride.......
 Here comes the breathtaking bride, Hattie is humming I'm So Pretty, I'm So Pretty under her breath ~

Hattie's silk bridal gown was designed by the famous bridal designer Vera Fang of No Luck City ~

The Count isn't running away, I take that as a good sign ~

The Doctor announces them Husband and Wife....Looks like the Good, The Bad and The Ugly to me  ~

Gather around for a piece of  cake wedding guests ~

Hattie's wedding cake was made by Kerry of Ella-Rose Miniatures ~

Come on up and congratulate the happy couple ~

Hattie loves posing for her wedding pictures ~

Now we are going to throw the bouquet, who will catch it ~

Oh crap! Big Simone caught I don't see another wedding any time soon LOL.

Congratulations Mandy! You won the drawing for the witch hat by Kat the Hat Lady!
None of the people in this story are real~
People are never real except after midnight ~

Thank you everyone for attending the wedding and your great comments this month. I will be back soon with more stories and pictures. I feel a little let down with how I did the wedding but didn't have the time to do it like I had planned. I will post Honeymoon pictures soon ~

Happy Halloween!