Monday, June 11, 2012

There is a knock at the door........

There is a knock at the door... Who could it be now? So many pass over the threshold of Vulture's Roost. Could it be the long awaited Count? Look at his Beautiful cape ~ 

He turns to the voice of his beloved ~ 

You came for me! Oh Count I am sorry I thought you wouldn't come.

My Dear Hattie, I have thought of nothing but you for the months we have been apart.

The happy couple reunited at last ~

Thank you to Linda Wooten for dressing The Count. Linda makes the most Beautiful draperies for doll houses and as you can see is the most excellent seamstress. You can find Linda here and on FaceBook here. Thank you so much Linda!

The cast of Vulture's Roost are my first attempts at doll making, most make with clay that lay dormant for almost 10 years. They are not very good but I love each one and they will live forever at Vulture's Roost ~

I will be back in a few weeks with a new tale from Vulture's Roost. I am taking off for a week to go visit my parents and have some family time, when I return I should be healed up enough to start back full force on my miniatures ~