Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Party ~

Happy Halloween ~ I hope everyone has a wonderful night~
This is my halloween Party room box from last year, I think the party is still in full swing ~

Congratulations Margriet ~ You have won the last drawing for October ~
Please message me your info and I will get your goodies in the mail ~
And yes...Hattie still has a bat problem ~
My next drawing will be for 300 followers ~

Margriet won this Pirate scroll set and other goodies ~

I wanted to share this Awesome hat kit from Kat the Hat Lady ~ I had so much fun putting this together ~ 

A side view of the lovely lady ~ she has a smile to die for LOL ~

A back view of the hat ~
This is my collection of vintage Gurley Halloween candles, the black cats are my favorites ~
This is a vintage liquor set I found at a yard sale for 2.00 ~ I thought it looked nice with my Halloween treasures ~
A final picture of the still not finished Halloween tree, I will make more decorations for it next year ~
My Halloween post has come to a close ~
All the characters of Vulture's Roost wish you a Happy All Hallow's Eve and will be back this week with a new story ~