Friday, May 27, 2016

Surprise for The Count ~

Thank you everyone for your comments last week, I appreciate everyone who takes the time to comment. Spring is a busy time for me with working outside and getting the greenhouse going for the summer, I will try not to let the blog suffer this summer ~

Last week we revealed the vampire study for The Count. Hattie has brought The Count to Raven's Moon telling him she needs to check up on Nigel and Winston as she is in a hurry to move in and has been shopping for furniture. Hattie tells The Count to stay in the kitchen till she tells him to come up...
Nigel and Winston see Hattie and The Count coming up the road from the second story window as they finish sweeping and dusting the freshly painted and remodeled parlor ~

Hattie barges in and is speechless for a moment (only a tiny moment), she looks all around inspecting the work and tells the boys to work faster... I have a load of furnishings to be delivered next week and my decorator Katrina coming to help me put the finishing touches on the house ~ 

Hattie calls to The Count to come up and see the progress ~ 

Close your eyes and don't look till I tell you to open them ~

Ok, you can look now, what do you think? I had this room decorated just for you ~

You did this for me? I am touched, this study is what I have always dreamed my study would look like ~

Hattie, you have outdone yourself, I can't wait to move my artifacts and papers in ~

Alone at last.....

You two better get with it here and finish this work, I am royalty now and everyone had better start treating me as such you worthless bums!

Worthless bums??? Royalty??? Is she for real???

See you next time for the reveal of the next room ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~

Big Hugs,

Friday, May 20, 2016

A Vampire Study ~

I hope everyone is enjoying spring, we are having rain showers in the afternoons that are making anything green grow inches overnight. Spring is the season of renewal ~

The remodel continues at Raven's Moon, Nigel and Winston are almost finished painting with Hattie breathing down their back to hurry up so she can decorate ~

 I have one room ready to show a peek at, I still need to put the molding around the ceiling back but haven't decided what I will use yet.

Let's go see what we have so far.....

Here we have the new flooring and all soft white walls and ceiling, excuse the lack of molding around the ceiling ~ The light from the fire and the candelabra will be the only lights in this room, the light walls and ceiling bring in way more light than dark walls, ceiling and floor like before ~ The flooring is just printed out on a parchment card stock ~

This is The Counts study that Hattie is decorating as a surprise for the Count ~ The baseboards are done in a gray white wash ~

The fire is a bulb with Silicone in the shape of flames that are coated with red Gallery Glass, the grate and fire back are made with filigree wraps, there is a brass stamping on the front with entwined snakes ~ I will do a tutorial when I do the next fire for another room ~

This is the rug I decided to use in the study, I wanted this room to look like a man's room ~ I can see the Count spending most of his time here... maybe to avoid the all the noise of a household containing Hattie and two little angels ~

I had the perfect chair for the Count, Ara Bentley made me this chair in a trade, here is her etsy shop where she sells these beautiful chairs Bentley House Productions ~

Here is the desk I chose, I had no idea what I was going to use for a desk as this room is so narrow ~ This harp table is just the right size for the room, I think the table came in a lot I bought off eBay, it was always too big everywhere I tried to put it ~

View of left side of room, my daughter gave me this Tut statue, I am wild for anything Egyptian  ~

Right side of study with low desk and cupboard, both pieces are old Bespaq, another Tut statue from my daughter ~ 

I think The Count will like his study ~ It will be a Vampire Study, The Count studies vampire history in his spare time so the room will be filled with his research materials, artifacts, books, pictures and his collection of skulls ~

I am not sure what room will be revealed next, you will just have to wait and see. Still to be done are the parlor, nursery, dining room and my favorite Hattie's sewing room  ~

We will all be back soon with more news on the remodel ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~

Big Hugs,

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Work Begins & We Got Mail!!!

The work begins... this is the dining room, I tried to peel off the old wallpaper but it wouldn't bulge, I remember I used real wallpaper paste on it. I got the brilliant idea to paint the walls with chalk paint like you use on furniture, my helpers have arrived so I can hand this over to them ~

Nigel and his cousin Winston have been hired to do the remodel on Raven's Moon, Winston can really paint fast. I have printed out some paper for the floor and will add it when the painting is finished ~

Don't let Winston's looks scare you, he is a big sweetie just like Nigel ~ Winston was a gift from my daughter ~
We received a package today from friend Shirley at Shirley's Dream City for being her first blog followers. Thank you so much Shirley! What a fun assortment of gifts, the dragons will use the basket to gather treasures on their next nature hike, the magical stones, skull and broom will go in Vulture's Roost and the silk fabric will be used in bedding for Hattie and The Count's new bed. The table will be saved for a future project. There was one more treasure in the package and Nigel has laid claim to it ~

A guitar! Nigel has always wanted a guitar so he can be a Rock Star ~ Thank you Shirley for making his dreams come true ~

We will all be back soon with more news on the remodel ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~

Big Hugs,

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Magick Rooms & Hattie's Dream House

There are a few things I would like to tell you about before our story continues ~

I discovered our new follower Shirley has her own blog she is starting up, I was her first follower :)
Shirley has built a city and I mean a Dream City! Please go and check out her blog Shirley's Dream City and Follow ~ I wish I had Shirley's energy...

Second I would like to remind everyone May is National Zombie Month so beware.......

Hattie calls The Count to come see Raven's Moon, they meet up in front of the manor ~ Hattie squeals " Isn't it the most beautiful manor you have ever seen?"
The couple tours the home. Hattie excitedly tells The Count that this will be his study ~  The Count agrees the manor is perfect except there is no master bedroom for the couple ~Maggie informs the pair that there is in fact a master bedroom that she forgot about because of the hidden door to the room ~

And now we interrupt our program for a special announcement ~ In honor of National Zombie Month ~ Be sure to have your Zombie Repellent on hand ~

Maggie shows the huge room to the couple " What do you think?" It sure needs a lot of work and cleaning but if the price of the manor is right we will take it The Count tells Maggie ~ 
"Oh sweetheart I am so happy, I can't wait to decorate!"
The Count is thrilled that Hattie is so happy ~ He imagines what a perfect life they will lead in Raven's Moon Manor...little does he know ~

"It is settled then, we will go draw up the papers "

See you next episode ~ The decorating will begin....

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~

Big Hugs,