Friday, August 27, 2010

The Second Story

Welcome Ara!

As promised here is the second story of My Folly. First is the den which is occupied by Slick my crash dummy, he has been with me many years. I know he doesn't belong in a doll's house but I sometimes enjoy things that are out of scale. The chase, foot stool, round table, fire place, pictures and animal heads were all handmade by me. The books mostly made from kits. The television is a salt shaker given to me as a gift from a very special friend. The camels on the mantel were earrings April sent me from San Antonio when she lived there. I have a confession, I took out the stairs to fit more stuff in this house. My hubby gives me grief for leaving out the stairs in my houses, I just can't help it.

The next room is the parlor where everything that happens there stays there. We have Ms. Pork sipping a martini, Daddy WarBucks who is way out of scale watching but after enough martinis who to say. Nosy Gladys is upside down in the corner after way too many martinis. There is a tarot reading going on. A voo doo doll lays on a foot stool I made. The couch, chase and chair were gifts from a friend.

Last for todays tour is a side patio I made with a cactus garden ( what was I thinking) anyone needs cactus, you can have it. I do like my glass top table and peacock chairs up top, the chairs arrived white so I attacked them with paint LOL. The 2 tier patio will have to be redone too. Well thats it for the second story, will try to post the top story this weekend.

Thank you for your great comments everyone!!!