Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prizes for the drawing....

Prize #1 is a set of 2 medieval books ~

Prize #2 is an antiqued stack of papers, a scroll and a set of rolled maps tied with a key ~

I will be drawing 2 names tomorrow ~ first name drawn will get to choose which prize they want and the remaining prize will go to the second drawn ~

Also included will be some candles with each prize ~

Stay tuned tomorrow for the winners, if you haven't entered you may do so here. You have to be a follower of this blog in order to enter.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My First Dollhouse...a trip down memory lane.

Not being able to do much the last 3 weeks got me thinking about my first dollhouse, I remembered seeing a picture of it but didn't know if I had the picture, I did :) This is 1959 on my fourth birthday. I remember the metal house full of plastic furniture, it was mostly blue and cream colored. I don't think I had any dolls that fit in the house. I do wish I had pictures of the inside but can't find any.

When looking for pictures I also found this one, I think this is Christmas 1958 at my Grandmother's house.  I had to laugh when I saw this....the unicorn that started it all :)

That's all for today. Don't forget to enter my giveaway on this 300 Follower Giveaway post.

I will be back tomorrow or maybe tonight with a picture of the books and other goodies that will be drawn for in the giveaway.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thank you Ewa!

Yesterday morning my mail carrier called and told me she had a package for me to sign for and could I meet her at the gate. It was a package from  Ewa in Poland! ( Happy Dance) I was the winner of Ewa's blog giveaway at The Sunny Hours :) I just love stamps from far off countries ;)

In side the package were two boxes. This beautiful drying rack was in the first, excuse my poor pictures. On this amazing drying rack hangs a pair of socks and delicate undies :) The craftsmanship of this rack is amazing! I can't wait to put this in one of my houses.

The second box was a treasure in itself.....inside were many beautiful gifts :)

Beautiful purses made by Ewa, one for each of my witches :)

Next was this gorgeous stone treasure, inside held a secret......
Inside was a tiny silver basket, it will have to hold something very precious....maybe a dragon's egg :)

I love the little cage with the flowers! I can't wait to put some tiny dragons in it or maybe an exotic plant.

Thank you so much Ewa for drawing my name in your giveaway. I will treasure my beautiful prizes :)


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boil, Boil Toile and Trouble

 New cauldrons ~

I'm back again :) Can you tell I am trying to stay busy while my wrist heals? I had just finished baking these cauldrons the night before my little accident. I have finally managed to get them filled and photographed. You will notice one even has a grumpy face...a big breakthrough LOL... Now for a little teaser.
There is a knock on the door at Vulture's Roost.... is his shirt torn ? What could this beast want?
Ugh.... this guy looks mad. Is he here to have a word with Nigel, looks to be the same species or maybe he is from Hattie's past ~ stay tuned....
Since it is spring I thought I would show off some bird houses from Vulture's Roost. This little  house  was made by Katie of Katie's Clay Corner on Etsy. Katie makes the cutest miniatures ~
This beauty is by Julie at Celtic JuJu on Etsy. Julie was kind enough to take some of my work to the 3 Blind Mice show in Chicago in April. Thank you Julie!

Well that's it for today. I will be back soon with a tale from Vulture's Roost and a look at some things I am working on.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Thank you Followers!

 Wow! I can't say Thank you enough to all of you who follow my blog and have commented. As you know with a broken wrist i can't do much and it is driving me crazy so I thought I would share some projects I have started and a WIP cupboard I had started before my accident. I will start with the cupboard today and share my projects in the following days.
This is what I started with, it is a vintage thimble display. I added a back and a shelf to make it  taller ~  I  was able to find two of these displays so I am a happy camper :)
I still have so much to make for this so I mostly stare at it and plan what to make when I can ~

I haven't got too far on this as you can see, lucky for me I had some bottles started and had made the candles  ~ I have been able to glue a few things so far ~

I have decided to call this The Elegant Witch ~ It will be filled with glass potions and just a few bead bottles ~

Well that is where I stand on this project, I do have some cauldrons I made before my accident that just need to be filled so I will be working on them as I think I can do that ~

I am offering a discount code for my Etsy shop Dark Squirrel's Shop ~ the code is DSBLOG for 20% off all orders, even international. You will need to add the code at checkout in the coupon code box . The code is good until June 1 2012 ~

That is all for today ~ If you are on FaceBook you can follow my Miniature Asylum with the badge at the right. I always post new additions to my shop, news and coupon codes there.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Cupboards and a Giveaway ~

I have been gone from blogland for ages, I hope you will forgive me for not keeping my blog current. First I would like to show my latest cupbords and then tell you about my giveaway ~
This is called Secret Dragon. I really love this cupboard,  it has sold but just wanted to share a picture ~

This beauty is called Clairvoyant's Dresser ~ Done in my favorite purples and greens, I used a lot of vintage jewels and findings on this dresser. There is even a real crystal ball on one of the shelves. The crystals and fire polished beads really catch the light, the pictures just don't do her justice ~

A drawer full of papers, scrolls and a spooky eye book ~

You can see the crystal ball under the vintage glass eye ~ Clairvoyant's Dresser is for sale in my shop Dark Squirrel Miniatures ~ Ugh you can see me in the mirror ~

This is the Snake Charmer ~ she is dressed with an assortment of potion bottles, vintage jewels, snake stampings, candles and several little surprises ~ I finished off the edges with vintage gold braid that has been tarnished ~

The toppings ~ the bottle with the snake is topped with a real crystal ball ~ Snake Charmer is for sale in my shop Dark Squirrel Miniatures ~

Other news I would like to say things have been at a standstill here on minis as I broke my wrist last week, I can hold my camera now so I can at least take pictures.

Vulture's Roost news : The Count is on his way to Wootens Miniatures to be dressed, when he returns we will meet him. Hattie is still staring at herself in the mirror as I write this.

Now for the Giveaway celebrate 300 followers I am going to have a drawing for 2 books and a few surprises. I will post pictures of the books closer to the drawing. The drawing will be on Friday June first.
To enter my drawing you must be a follower of this blog, you are welcome to share this on your blog or FaceBook but not required. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered ~

Thank you for reading my blog and your kind comments ~

Victoria ~