Sunday, April 17, 2016

Commotion at 3 Moons and meet the Twins ~

Happy Sunday All!

First I would like to introduce the twins and introduce you to the artist who created them for me ~

As you know Hattie and The Count returned from their 5 year honeymoon with two little bundles of joy. The twins are princesses and named Maria and Irina for two special internet friends of mine ~
The twins were created by talented artist LoreleiBlu, you can find her etsy shop here :LoreleiBlu
The babies had a long slumber in one of my ribbon drawers for 3 1/2 years, I am so happy I had Lorrie make them way back then ~

Meet Princess Maria, she takes after The Count ~
Meet Princess Irina who is green like Hattie ~

And now back to our regularly scheduled program..........

Hattie's conniption fit gets louder and louder as a crowd gathers, even a couple of cats ~ Hattie bellows" Where is that  realtor, I don't have all day" ~

"You will all be sorry when I own the whole town and run all you pheasants out of town", little did she know Maggie the realtor was in the crowd ~ 

"Just calm down Hattie" Maggie quietly replied. " I am Lady Hattie now you pheasant" ~
" Nice to meet you Lady Hattie, I am Maggie your realtor "

Oh boy, talk about sticking your foot in your mouth ~

See you soon with more adventures ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are only real after midnight ~