Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vulture's Roost...Visitors

When we last met Marie was awaiting Cousin Carlanne's visit ~ Marie is relaxing in the parlor waiting for Carlanne's arrival ~ She arrived on the 3 o'clock train so it won't be long now ~

Nigel is busy cleaning the dragon room and thinking about the disaster up in the attic bedroom ~ I guess I will head up there soon before the snakes come down here and bother the baby dragons ~

The bedroom is crawling with big snakes who are after the rats ~ Aunt Agnes watches silently from her frame ~ Aunt Agnes is the worlds oldest living witch, all that is left of her is her head ~ she hasn't spoken a word in hundreds of years, she just silently watches over Vulture's Roost ~

There is someone at the door ~ a small witch and her beautiful hound ~

Marie welcomes Cousin Carlanne and her trusty hound Shadow ~ Carlanne is a very good witch who always travels with her Book of Shadows ~

Marie and Carlanne relax and catch up on all the news in the cool darkness of the Vulture Terrace ~  They enjoy a cup of tea and delicious cookies that neighbor Tabitha has sent over ~ They hear pounding from below, what could cause such a disturbance ~ the sound is worst than nails on a chalkboard, a feeling of doom and darkness can be felt in the air ~

Who is pounding on the door, could it be Avon calling?

She is singing "I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty" and about to pound the door off the hinges ~

Lucas and Theodore look down with dread at the witch who is pounding and singing at the door   ~

That is all for now, next time we will see who is at the door ~

I have based my characters of Vulture's Roost on real people , some living and some dead. People who have made an impression on me with their kindness, generosity and friendship ~ Shadow, Carlanne's hound is a prized possession of mine. He belonged to an old man who received a pair of dogs, one white and one black as a gift in 1934. He wrote on the belly of the white dog the year and his name, I bought a number of his possessions at an estate sale in 1989  ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~