Friday, April 29, 2016

Raven's Moon....Dream House or Disaster?

Greetings Friends, well here we are back to shop for a grand manor, castle or palace for Hattie, The Count and the wee twins Maria and Irina ~

First I want to thank you all for being here, I see since I reappeared to blogland there is not many of the blogs I followed still posting, it makes me sad but I realize people move on... guilty me missing for almost 5 years but I  am making it up to my readers because I have a story to tell and I thought about my dolls lying dormant in a hat box the whole time.

Apologies over, we will move on.

Remember last time we arrived at Raven's Moon the manor Maggie thought Hattie might like ~

Here we are at Raven's Moon a once grand manor. Let's step inside and take a tour ~

Here we are, the first room is the kitchen, the occupants have left everything in place, they seem to have left in a hurry ~

Maggie says it seems to be all in working order and quite tidy, I don't know if this is a style you like Hattie but it is an easy fix with new appliances and a coat of fresh paint ~

Hattie exclaims " I love everything! What is this style called? It looks so stylish " Maggie tells Hattie she thinks it is shabby chic, Hattie whops out " I love Shabby Chic! I want my whole house in that style "

Here we are in the dining room with it's beautiful gold ceiling, I think the walls need to be lighter but that is an easy fix ~ Hattie informs Maggie she wants it Shabby Chic ~
Up on the second floor is this little room with hideous wall paper and painted floors, what would you do with this room?

Here we are on the second floor, I think this room has been redone already, what do you think Hattie? Is this shabby enough for you?

Look at that beautiful fire warming the whole room ~ I made the fires and fire screens for the new fireplaces, still not finished ~ Love the fire light ~

Here we are on the top floor of the manor, a smaller room perhaps a sewing room for Hattie's sewing business ~ Hattie was a much sought after seamstress before she knew of the Count and the family agreement for their marriage ~ 

And here on the top floor is another room already done, maybe a nursery for the twins?

An open view of Raven's Moon. Do you think this would make a suitable home for the family? What would you do with each room? Is this grand enough for Hattie?

Well folks there is the grand tour. What do you think? Hattie seems to be leaning towards shabby chic which Victoria likes too :)

 I redid most of the rooms a few years ago, the kitchen is finished except for more lighting. I put my most favorite kitchen miniatures in there, not crazy about the floor but I had that wrapping paper and love black and white floors. I put in hard wired lights and put the stairs back in, I usually leave out the stairs as they take up so much room and may end up taking them out again to make more room for furniture. What do you think? Stairs or no stairs?
Please readers let me know what you would do to this house ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are only real after midnight ~

Mini Hugs,

Sunday, April 24, 2016

House Hunting and Patience ~

Greetings Friends, our post tonight is late as I was without internet for most of the day .

I would like to Welcome Shirley H. to the blog this fine Sunday evening ~ Now we continue with the saga of house hunting ~

The crowd finally clears and Maggie tells Hattie there is a property that might interest a lady such as herself ~ Hattie informs Maggie she must do some shopping first ~

Sweet Hilda tells the ladies they have a brand new potion in stock, "You really need to try out these new and improved Unicorn Farts" are we serious here??? Need your own Unicorn Farts just follow the link ~
We have many new potions at 3 Moons Potions and Notions, all can be found at Dark Squirrel ~

"I am done shopping, lets get on with this house hunt " Hattie informs Maggie ~

I see a grand manor off in the distance.....

" Well here we are, this is Raven's Moon Manor, lets go inside "

What will be inside this Raven's Moon Manor? Will it be grand enough for Hattie?

Stay tuned for the next episode, same bat time, same bat channel ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are only real after midnight ~


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Commotion at 3 Moons and meet the Twins ~

Happy Sunday All!

First I would like to introduce the twins and introduce you to the artist who created them for me ~

As you know Hattie and The Count returned from their 5 year honeymoon with two little bundles of joy. The twins are princesses and named Maria and Irina for two special internet friends of mine ~
The twins were created by talented artist LoreleiBlu, you can find her etsy shop here :LoreleiBlu
The babies had a long slumber in one of my ribbon drawers for 3 1/2 years, I am so happy I had Lorrie make them way back then ~

Meet Princess Maria, she takes after The Count ~
Meet Princess Irina who is green like Hattie ~

And now back to our regularly scheduled program..........

Hattie's conniption fit gets louder and louder as a crowd gathers, even a couple of cats ~ Hattie bellows" Where is that  realtor, I don't have all day" ~

"You will all be sorry when I own the whole town and run all you pheasants out of town", little did she know Maggie the realtor was in the crowd ~ 

"Just calm down Hattie" Maggie quietly replied. " I am Lady Hattie now you pheasant" ~
" Nice to meet you Lady Hattie, I am Maggie your realtor "

Oh boy, talk about sticking your foot in your mouth ~

See you soon with more adventures ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are only real after midnight ~


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Royalty...or is it a Royal Pain ~

As we left Vulture's Roost last time we had just met Princess Maria & Princess Irina the twin daughter of Hattie and the Count ~ This post is dedicated to Maria my very special friend ~
Nigel and Marie are so excited to meet the twins and can't wait to hold them ~

Hattie has to inform everyone that the twins are Royalty and they must be handled with royal care ~ Hattie warns Nigel not to slobber on Princess Maria ~

Hattie then turns on her heel and exclaims " Now that the babysitting is taken care of I can start looking for a Royal palace or manor or maybe even a castle to buy, no way I am staying in this dump" ~

Hattie hurries away in a huff humming... I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty and now I am Royalty ~

Hattie arrives at 3 Moons Potions & Notions ~

Hattie slams door....such class ~

Hey you!I am Lady Hattie, I need to find a realtor to show me castles and manors right now! Sweet Hilda says she will call Madam Maggie to show Hattie properties, Hattie says "Make it snappy" ~

Hattie seems to be in fine form, remember when she had to work here before she married the count?

Oh boy, I would say 5 years of Hattie being a Lady (I choke when I say that) has taught her manners !

See you next time!

None of the people in this story are real ~

People are only real after midnight ~