Monday, May 16, 2011

Dilemma at Vulture's Roost......

Before I present the dilemma I must introduce you to Marie ~  Marie is an old witch of 103...she has lived at Vulture's Roost her whole life ~ Many years ago Vulture's Roost had many inhabitants but over the years everyone moved away except Marie ~ Marie has always loved Vulture's Roost, she couldn't imagine living anywhere else ~ she has cleaned out the old house and is restoring the grand old house on what little money she can scrape together ~

Marie's hat made by Kat the Hat Lady ~ please visit Kat's wonderful blog Here and enter her  monthly drawing for an exclusive Kat creation ~

Marie is my first polymer clay sculpt doll ~ I knew I wanted dolls  to live at Vulture's Roost but knew I couldn't afford to buy the kind of dolls I wanted so I pulled out my clay box and started sculpting heads from very old clay just to practice and use it up ~ I watched hours of tutorials on making dolls and would like to Thank all the artists who so generously share their knowledge ~
Marie is named after a very old lady who I knew for years, she always had interesting stories and lived her life to the fullest for over 100 years ~

Steampunk witches broom by myself, for sale in my Etsy shop Here ~

The Dilemma ~ Marie has just received a telegram from her younger sister ~ Hattie will arrive in 2 weeks for a visit ~ Marie has just had Vulture's Roost cleaned out and was redecorating ~ She has no extra beds and the kitchen is so bare she can hardly mix potions ~ 

Marie is in a panic ~ the house is not ready for company ~

What shall I do? says Marie in a panic ~

Why is Hattie coming back for a visit? Hattie is the youngest and wildest of Marie's sisters, where Hattie goes trouble follows ~

Victoria ❤