Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vulture's Roost... Hattie's Arrival and Cookin Snakes

Nigel finally rounds up all the snakes and goes out to see what all the racket at the front door is about ~  Hattie tells Nigel she has been out here for ages and that is no way to treat a future Countess ~

Hattie goes back to humming I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty ~ Nigel gets over the shock of Hattie's...beauty and invites her into the parlor ~ Nigel hollers up to Marie and Carlanne " We have a guest" ~

Hattie steps in and looks over the old mansion and wrinkles her nose in disgust ~ What a dump but it will have to do for a few days ~

When everyone is present in the parlor Hattie announces she will just be staying until the Count comes  to fetch her for their wedding ~ I will be a Countess  and live in a castle with servants and not have to look at common people like you. Hattie turns to Nigel and tells him to get those ugly snakes out of here ~ Looks like we have a room full of ugly snakes to me ~ Marie says she must go see about beds for the everyone ~ Where is she going to put them all?

Carlanne and Hattie are finally alone in the parlor ~ Shadow growls low in his throat at Hattie ~ Hattie tells Carlanne  she looks hideous and could really use a makeover ~  

Nigel decides he had better cook the snakes to feed this growing crowd only one snake isn't getting cooked, Nigel can hear her in the parlor telling Carlanne how beautiful she is ~ Hope I can remember how to make Stewed Snakes ~

Marie was trying to figure out beds for all when Hattie marched in and laid on Marie's bed  ~ This is where I sleep and I am not sharing my room, I need my beauty sleepy  and privacy~ Marie has had just about enough of this and is going to give Hattie a stern talking to .... there is someone pounding on the door ~ Who is at the door now Marie thinks with a sinking feeling ~ Could there really be a Count who wanted to marry Hattie? More than likely she is broke and in trouble ~ 
Who is this witch at the door?

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None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~

That is all till next time ~ when the story will continue ~


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vulture's Roost...Visitors

When we last met Marie was awaiting Cousin Carlanne's visit ~ Marie is relaxing in the parlor waiting for Carlanne's arrival ~ She arrived on the 3 o'clock train so it won't be long now ~

Nigel is busy cleaning the dragon room and thinking about the disaster up in the attic bedroom ~ I guess I will head up there soon before the snakes come down here and bother the baby dragons ~

The bedroom is crawling with big snakes who are after the rats ~ Aunt Agnes watches silently from her frame ~ Aunt Agnes is the worlds oldest living witch, all that is left of her is her head ~ she hasn't spoken a word in hundreds of years, she just silently watches over Vulture's Roost ~

There is someone at the door ~ a small witch and her beautiful hound ~

Marie welcomes Cousin Carlanne and her trusty hound Shadow ~ Carlanne is a very good witch who always travels with her Book of Shadows ~

Marie and Carlanne relax and catch up on all the news in the cool darkness of the Vulture Terrace ~  They enjoy a cup of tea and delicious cookies that neighbor Tabitha has sent over ~ They hear pounding from below, what could cause such a disturbance ~ the sound is worst than nails on a chalkboard, a feeling of doom and darkness can be felt in the air ~

Who is pounding on the door, could it be Avon calling?

She is singing "I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty" and about to pound the door off the hinges ~

Lucas and Theodore look down with dread at the witch who is pounding and singing at the door   ~

That is all for now, next time we will see who is at the door ~

I have based my characters of Vulture's Roost on real people , some living and some dead. People who have made an impression on me with their kindness, generosity and friendship ~ Shadow, Carlanne's hound is a prized possession of mine. He belonged to an old man who received a pair of dogs, one white and one black as a gift in 1934. He wrote on the belly of the white dog the year and his name, I bought a number of his possessions at an estate sale in 1989  ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~