Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vulture's Roost... Hattie's Arrival and Cookin Snakes

Nigel finally rounds up all the snakes and goes out to see what all the racket at the front door is about ~  Hattie tells Nigel she has been out here for ages and that is no way to treat a future Countess ~

Hattie goes back to humming I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty ~ Nigel gets over the shock of Hattie's...beauty and invites her into the parlor ~ Nigel hollers up to Marie and Carlanne " We have a guest" ~

Hattie steps in and looks over the old mansion and wrinkles her nose in disgust ~ What a dump but it will have to do for a few days ~

When everyone is present in the parlor Hattie announces she will just be staying until the Count comes  to fetch her for their wedding ~ I will be a Countess  and live in a castle with servants and not have to look at common people like you. Hattie turns to Nigel and tells him to get those ugly snakes out of here ~ Looks like we have a room full of ugly snakes to me ~ Marie says she must go see about beds for the everyone ~ Where is she going to put them all?

Carlanne and Hattie are finally alone in the parlor ~ Shadow growls low in his throat at Hattie ~ Hattie tells Carlanne  she looks hideous and could really use a makeover ~  

Nigel decides he had better cook the snakes to feed this growing crowd only one snake isn't getting cooked, Nigel can hear her in the parlor telling Carlanne how beautiful she is ~ Hope I can remember how to make Stewed Snakes ~

Marie was trying to figure out beds for all when Hattie marched in and laid on Marie's bed  ~ This is where I sleep and I am not sharing my room, I need my beauty sleepy  and privacy~ Marie has had just about enough of this and is going to give Hattie a stern talking to .... there is someone pounding on the door ~ Who is at the door now Marie thinks with a sinking feeling ~ Could there really be a Count who wanted to marry Hattie? More than likely she is broke and in trouble ~ 
Who is this witch at the door?

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None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~

That is all till next time ~ when the story will continue ~



  1. You gave me a couple of belly laughs! I'm curious to see what happens next....

  2. I think Carlanne's about to find her courage and tell some person all about it! Good for her :)
    Put some greebles in the hag's bed!!!

  3. love it :P definately have to revamp your Beacon Hill :D Linda x

  4. Fab story Victoria , they have their work cut out with their new house guest, shes a handful and a half! And another on the scene, your dollmaking skills are not only brilliant but speedy too!Kate xxx

  5. I have some mixed emotions - on the one hand I would like to see that count who is dumb enough to marry that selfish scarecrow... i. e., if he exists at all... but if someone like that really exists, would I really want to see someone like that... hmmmmmm, not yet decided... ;O)

    I love how your story continues... I hadn't expected Hattie to be such a dismal character, now I understand why the others had the shivers before her arrival. You're a brilliant storyteller and I'll wait eagerly for the next episode. Good for me I'm not a snake... I'm only wondering, who's chasing after the rats now... Oh, I get it, the rats left the place after Hattie's arrival (LOL).


  6. Oh no, is that Hattie, the hated hag ? Actually despite that awful personality, Hattie is rather pretty. I think the witch at the door is going to make everything different. :) Right?? Right?

    Love your story Vic. Won't miss it for the world :). May sometimes be late though :)

  7. This made me laugh :-) Now I can comment again I need to go catch up on the rest of the story :-)

  8. I can't help but think that Hattie is going to be around for a long, long time while waiting for her Count. Poor Marie! Hopefully the newest arrival will help put Hattie in her place!

  9. Gracias por otro fantastico capitulo de tu relato, me han encantado tus personajes.
    besitos ascension

  10. Hi Victoria! I meant to comment sooner.... (read this at work on lunch break and meant to come back to comment....!)
    I HOPE that the next witch or wizard at the door will take Horrible Hag Hattie in Hand and Head on Out!!! No peace in Vultures Roost until they do! She is Something Else! I am looking forward.... with some fear and trembling.... to what comes next!
    (And I'm enjoying your Witches immensely! You have a great sense of Style!)

  11. oh this is getting exciting now, will they have enough beds and who is at the door. I can't wait for the next installment! :)

    Marisa :)

  12. Aw Victoria...so glad to be back here in your fine company! I so missed everyone, and it warms my cold lil' heart to come back to your creativity and magic! Whenever my daughter is in a store and sees something miniature...she points out that it reminds her of you and your fabulous creations...ha! Of course then I'd get to feeling down and frustrated because I didn't have time to get on line. But I'm back now, and I'm happy, thanks so much for dropping in to welcome me home! :o)
    ~ W

  13. Hi Victoria,
    just a note to let you know that I've added your blog's link to our Miniature Artist link list. I've been a follower for a while and love your work to bits!!!

  14. "Dark Squirrel" has been included in the third edition of this years Thinking of Christmas gifts in July. I hope this helps to attract new customers.


  15. "Nigel gets over the shock of Hattie's beauty."

    too funny! :)