Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vulture's Roost... The Summer Cabin

When we were last here at Vulture's Roost there was another witch at the she a good witch or a bad witch? Does this spell more trouble for poor Marie?

Cousin Carlanne was walking Shadow and could hear knocking so she went around front to see who it could be ~  Oh what a wonderful visitor, it is Big Simone Marie's Aunt ~ She brings her magical broom and her hound Dusty Pearl ~
Carlanne tells Simone that Marie and Hattie are getting ready to go look at the summer cabin where Hattie will have to stay until the Count comes to marry her ~
The summer cabin has been vacant for many years as Marie has had no need to get away ~ who knows what shape it will be in after setting neglected for so many years ~

Marie and Hattie step out to leave for the cabin and see Simone ~ Simone drops her broom and spreads her arms to to hug Marie ~ I am so glad to see you cries Marie ~
You see Big Simone has a reputation for getting things done and when she talks people listen or else... Marie says lets go on to the cabin, you sure don't want to go into the house just now. Nigel has been cooking snakes and has made a terrible stink . He is airing out the kitchen now ~

Well here we are at the cabin, Nigel has been over to sweep it out but has not had a chance to knock down the cobwebs yet ~ Hattie says she can't possibly stay in a shack like this, what will the Count think ~ Simone tells Hattie this will do fine as she will be staying too ~ Hattie says royalty don't stay in cabins can't you put me up at the Hilton? ~ 

Simone thinks the cabin is so nice she might like to buy it from Marie ~ Marie thinks that is an excellent idea as she could use the money for Vulture's Roost ~ Then it's settled says Simone, Hattie will be my guest until the wedding ~

Up in the loft is a pallet for Hattie to sleep on ~ We will knock down the cobwebs and beat the mattress, hope there are no mice in there ~

I am so happy Marie! I have a new home and we have a wedding to plan ~ Dusty Pearl is excited to explore her new home ~

A big Thank You to Kerry of EllaRoseMiniatures for the swap. I made Kerry potion bottles in exchange for this fabulous spooky food. Please check out Kerry's shop for beautiful Christmas treats ~

The beautiful hats worn by my witches are all created by Kat the Hat Lady ~

Big Simone's broom can be purchased in my Etsy shop here ~

Well that is all for today, I promise it won't be as long next time ~ Dusty Pearl was a real dog, she belonged to my neighbor. Dusty went to the Rainbow Bridge last summer after a long and happy life.

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~



  1. Nice to see you back, Blogland is quiet at the moment. I'm guilty of that :-(

  2. Hi Victoria! That's quite the cabin! Is it "real" logs with chinking? The "Old West" meets "Modern" witches? I'm looking forward to hearing more about this Wedding they are planning..... as you know I am trying to plan one too.... although mine won't be quite so "themed" as yours! (No Cobwebs, please!) I still think Marie is one Great Witch! (And I like it that they have Dogs, rather than Cats!) :)

  3. Thank you Chelle. I thought I better get back :) Summer is so busy.

    Thank you Betsy! I am a dog nut so you will see more dogs than cats. There is a lot to planning a wedding as you know. Mine will happen in September if all goes as planned. I even have the wedding cake.


  4. I loved this story you told with these gorgeous witches! Hope they get along well until the wedding and don't argue too much about the planning! ;-)
    Lovely cabin!

    Hugs Jollie

  5. I'm glad you're back with stories about Vulture's Roost!! I missed it :-)
    Beautiful cabin, I'm sure it will be a lovely home for Simone!!!

  6. Love it!! the story is fabulous :D i see troubles ahead in the wedding planning i bet lol :D Linda x

  7. Finally - I was really missing you and the habitants of Vulture's roost. Good to have you all back - and with a nice new character (Hopefully Big Simone will calm down Hattie a little bit) and a beautiful cabin. I really hope Nigel will be too busy chasing and cooking snakes to find the time to clean off the cobwebs... ;O)And when you're talking about a wedding, there really seems to be a Count for Hattie... I had my doubts if there would be anyone dumb enough... (teehee).


  8. Me alegro de volver a contar con tus entretenidas historias y tus preciosas minis.
    Enhorabuena por esas comiditas, son geniales.
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  9. Good to read you're back Victoria! Great story again:) and I love the cabin. Could we see more of that? And I too can't wait to see the wedding!!:)

  10. Great story I've been on pin and needles since the last one. I love the cabin 1oo :)

    great job on the witchs Victoria :)
    marisa :)

  11. So lovely to see you back Victoria, I think everyone misses your stories! The cabin is lovely, and as for Kerrys goodies, wow, what a fantastic array! I think my favs are the deserts with the skull and the one with fingers, very cool! I may have ot order a bowl of mould fruit for my own haunted house, thats gross in a fab way! Kate xxx

  12. Love the story and the characters, will be back for more!!!

  13. Firstly, let me tell you Vic, snake stew rocks! And if you add some rats, the stew is fit for royalty. Serve Hattie some at the Hilton (that was very funny) .

    Love your stories, V. And that cabin, did you whip it up last minute for the unexpected guests? Very well done!