Friday, October 15, 2010

Underworld...The Finish

Underworld is finished. Here are the pictures so enjoy. I will be listing this in my Etsy shop tonight or in the morning. Sorry this is short, computer being bad.

I would like to Thank the others who's work is contained in Underworld

Dfly Creations: Skull, bones and candles and Dante's map of Hell.

Paperstreet: collage sheets.

My friend Kat the Hat Lady who sent me beads.

Glenda for naming Underworld.

Sweet Twilight All,
Victoria ♥

The Winners Are...

I have 3 winners.

First is Cia who wins 6 potion bottles.

Second is Eva who wins 3 potion bottles.

Third is Sans! who wins 2 potion bottles.

The winners
Ladies email me your address info and the themes, labels or tags. If you can't decide I will help.

my email is

Thank you to all who entered and who follow my blog.

Victoria ♥