Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vulture's Roost Update...Coffin bed frames done ~

Here are the frames of my coffin beds ~ I cut them out of wood scraps and after much sanding and glue was able to get them together ~ I hid my bad seams with tiny wood trim and sanded some more ~ I thought they needed legs so I glued on some plastic skull beads for legs ~ I then glued on some small filigree pieces and some skull buttons with the shanks cut off, Thank you Kat for the buttons ~

After all my glue was dry I coated everything with black paint ~
Next step was a coat of red paint to edges and top of beds ~

Next a coat of crackle medium was added over the red paint ~ This needs to dry at least an hour ~

Next step is to give the red a coat of black paint ~ this step is a bit tricky, you can only drag the brush on the surface once or your crackle won't take right ~ Next I will add a little highlighting to bring out the detailing of the skulls ~

The beds have been highlighted with a dry brushing of gold ~

The beds need to be sealed now ~ The next step will be to make liners and bedding ~ Blog friend Susan is kindly sending me some scraps of red silk and velvet for the bedding ~ Susan's blog Ask Tabitha  is full How To information for miniaturists, be sure to check it out ~ I am open to ideas for head boards, I'm not sure if they are needed, the wall has a slope so they couldn't be that tall ~

Everyone have a Wonderful Weekend
Victoria ❤