Friday, January 28, 2011

WIP Haunted House...Vultures Roost

I would like to Thank everyone for your name suggestions, although I picked the name Daydreamer picked the perfect address for the house. The house will be located at No. 13 Dead End Drive, Daydreamer please contact me.

I have decided to call the house Vultures Roost. I am planning to have a vulture garden on the roof. I need to glue down the gingerbread and widows walk on the roof next. I am still deciding on the flooring and walls in the attic. I want to add a wall to make 2 rooms. One, the smallest will be where the vampires sleep. They will have little coffins made into beds. The larger room will be a dorm type room for the witches. This could all change but at this time thats the plan, a girl always needs a plan.

My next challenge is a fireplace for the kitchen and where to put it. I am torn between under the back window which would look dumb unless I cover the window or to put it under the stairs. I want a fireplace for the witches to cook in and not have a stove. Suggestions Welcome.

Well that is all for now...
Victoria ♥