Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WIP Haunted House Tuesday

Thank you everyone for your suggestions for a name, keep them coming. If I choose your name suggestion I will send you some potion bottles.

Today I finished the front door and shingles. The door has skulls, a lion door knocker and a knob I made from beads. I had been saving the door knocker for when I built my castle but after 8 years I don't see me building it LOL. I also put up some of the gingerbread trim and still need to put the finish on it. I cut a piece of foam board to set the house on but might change it to wood, I just want it to be light so I can move it easily. Here are my photos from today, any helpful hints are welcome.

Door and shutters

A bit of progress

Gingerbread trim
Victoria ♥