Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vulture's Roost Update...Coffin bed frames done ~

Here are the frames of my coffin beds ~ I cut them out of wood scraps and after much sanding and glue was able to get them together ~ I hid my bad seams with tiny wood trim and sanded some more ~ I thought they needed legs so I glued on some plastic skull beads for legs ~ I then glued on some small filigree pieces and some skull buttons with the shanks cut off, Thank you Kat for the buttons ~

After all my glue was dry I coated everything with black paint ~
Next step was a coat of red paint to edges and top of beds ~

Next a coat of crackle medium was added over the red paint ~ This needs to dry at least an hour ~

Next step is to give the red a coat of black paint ~ this step is a bit tricky, you can only drag the brush on the surface once or your crackle won't take right ~ Next I will add a little highlighting to bring out the detailing of the skulls ~

The beds have been highlighted with a dry brushing of gold ~

The beds need to be sealed now ~ The next step will be to make liners and bedding ~ Blog friend Susan is kindly sending me some scraps of red silk and velvet for the bedding ~ Susan's blog Ask Tabitha  is full How To information for miniaturists, be sure to check it out ~ I am open to ideas for head boards, I'm not sure if they are needed, the wall has a slope so they couldn't be that tall ~

Everyone have a Wonderful Weekend
Victoria ❤

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vulture's Roost Progress...more fireplaces and more ~

You will have to excuse the quality of my photos today, it is cloudy so my pictures are bad. This is the drawing room fireplace I crafted out of wood and egg carton, I cheated and lined them with plastic brick which I am not a fan of. I did use all the plastic brick I had so that is a plus. I used some vintage braid for the fire box front and added some logs, you won't really be able to see into the fireplaces so I am happy how they look ~

Here is what the drawing room looks like with the new fireplace ~ Notice the perfect candelabra  which was a gift from Glenda  who thought it would be perfect for Vulture's Roost. The candles are from Lorraine of Dfly Creations, they fit perfectly in the candle cups. I will do dripping wax on them at another time ~

This is the fireplace I made for the Dragon Room, much the same as the other only I was able to use my vintage andirons in this one ~  I am really itching to start loading the dragon room but have a few more things to do in the attic before I get too crazy ~

The Dragon Room with her new fireplace ~ you might have noticed how the window sills are cutout between the windows, that is so a cupboard will fit there that I built years ago ~ That is Titan the Dragon between the windows, don't worry he died of old age ~ Titan was crafted by Nicky CC, who is The Mini Dragon Queen ~

The attic floor is finally down ~ I cut what seemed like a million little wood strips, sanded and glued them down. I sanded them again and added some stain and an ink wash to age the floor ~ this will be a dorm style bedroom for the witches and vampires ~ 

I decided to punch out the trap door to the attic, there will be a ladder up to the attic ~ the witches will have the bigger room and the vampires will have their coffin beds in the little part ~ I am going to hang a curtain divider between the two spaces so the witches will have their privacy ~  I will probably start building the coffin beds next and try to find some red silk and velvet for their bedding ~

I want to Thank everyone who has joined my blog and left a link to theirs, I joined a lot of great blogs this week ~

Well kids that is it for this week ~ Don't forget to sign up for my drawing on April 2 ~

Till Later
Victoria ❤

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dark Squirrel 200 Follower Giveaway ~ The Prizes...

I would like to say thank you to all who have entered my giveaway and posted their blogs ~ I have 49 entries so far and have discovered some great new blogs ~ Pictured here are the 3 prizes I have made special for the drawing ~

The first name I draw will win this or choice of the 3 prizes ~ I have created this little dragonfly cupboard in shades of green and packed it with an assortment of perfume or potion bottles ~ the little cupboard measures 3 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches wide ~

The second name I draw will have a choice of the two remaining prizes ~ I have made two sets of 3 potion bottles in different colors ~ I will put custom hang tags on them if you choose ~

Third name drawn will receive the remaining bottles with their choice of custom hang tags ~

To enter the drawing you must post on the 200 Follower Giveaway Post and leave a link to your blog if you have one so we can go check out your blog and enjoy it ~
The drawing will be on April 2nd.

Victoria ❤

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vulture's Roost Update ~ Kitchen fireplace...

The dilemma... I wanted a huge fireplace for the witches to cook in. It needed to be huge in a tiny kitchen, after much indecision I decided to sacrifice a window and build a custom size fireplace to fit this space ~ I have had this cast iron cauldron for years and thought it would be perfect to hang over the fire... how wrong I was ~  

I built a wood base to just fit in my opening ~ I then got my trusty egg carton stash and cut bricks  to line the  firebox and hearth ~ I then got all my bricks glued and a coat of my trusty black paint, in between all this I was sending pictures to friend Julie ~ I then cut stones for the wall and glued them and applied much paint ~ Here you have the bare bones so to speak ~

I then added trim and my mantel with the green beads ~ I  had planned on going around my hearth with fancy iron work but I broke it ~ I tore up my studio looking for something to use and thought I will make it with card stock ~ So I found some fancy edge scissors, cut my card stock and glued it on adding more paint ~ I snapped this picture with my cauldron and vintage andirons I had planned to use  ~ I also added a shelf to the top  ~ I liked this but didn't think the andirons were working and my cauldron looked dinky :( I then remembered this brass cauldron that I thought would be too big to ever use in a 1/12 scale house ~ I stuck the brass cauldron in and thought it worked but had to send poor Julie pictures ~ 

Here is a picture of my almost finished fireplace with the brass cauldron and a bit of my brass collection just to see how it will look someday ~ Sorry for all the pictures Julie ~

The Witches Kitchen at Vultures Roost ~ The fireplace still needs a few tweaks and I need to do a proper fire ~ I had no idea it would take me 3 days to build a simple fireplace ~

Dark Squirrel Blog Giveaway Reminder ~

The drawing will be April 2 ~
3 Winners ~ 3 prizes ~
Pictures of the prizes will be posted soon, I have been finishing up on them ~
Enter on the Giveaway Post ~

Victoria ❤ 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meet new blogger Dale Fluty

I would like to Welcome Dale Fluty to Blogland. Dale is a very talented guy and I think you will really enjoy checking out his new blog. Dale has made some awesome dolls in the past, you will find links to his gallery and website at his blog. I love the new project he is working on, a metaphysical shop called The Mystic Path in one inch scale. Dale's work is a little dark which you know is my favorite. Everyone go check out Dale's blog and say Hello.

You will find Dale's blog here

Thank you and Happy Sunday

Meet Dale Fluty ~
Victoria ❤

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

200 Follower Giveaway...

Thank you to all of you who read and follow my blog. When I started this blog I thought  maybe a few friends would follow and probably not comment, I started this blog to record projects I was working on. I had no idea I would have 200 followers, writing is not my forte as you have probably guessed. Thank you for your friendship and kind and helpful comments. I love blogs and if you have a miniatures blog I probably read and follow it. Now for the Giveaway. The winning names will be drawn on Sat. April 2.
I will draw 3 names for my giveaway. I will post pictures of the prizes at a later date. To get your name in the drawing make a comment on this post and if you have a blog please include your blog so others can go check it out.

Victoria ❤

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vulture's Roost has grown a lawn...

I had this lawn mat that I had forgotten about, I think it looks much better than the moss.  I am also thinking about changing out the tree, I saw this one setting on the shelf of my studio, it will need to be grunged up a bit for my taste. You have to remember I am only using stuff I already have to finish the house. Any money spent will be for contents made by other miniature artists. This is my Recession House ~
I made a little stone walk way and edging for the lawn from egg carton, I am not finished painting on it yet ~
The Zombunnies don't seem to mind that the grass is artifical, but I don't think they eat grass anyway ~
The big so far view ~

I will be making a give away post tonight or tomorrow so stay tuned.

Victoria ❤

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vulture's Roost News and New Dark Squirrel Items

Steampunk Blues a mini cupboard ~
Welcome New followers ~ I will be posting a 200 follower giveaway next week sometime. I would like to Thank my followers for your kind comments, support and friendship 
Dragon Tears Potion Bottle ~

Werewolf Elixir ~ to remove those pesky werewolves ~
I have started adding vines and making a huge mess with moss trying to see what if I want a moss lawn. I need to put an edge around my board so the moss doesn't shed everywhere. I also wanted a picture of Lucas my new vulture at his new home. Lucas is a creation of Julie Rodgers of Celtic JuJu .

Lucas is wise and friendly ~

A mess of moss ~
Victoria ♥