Saturday, March 5, 2016

Return to Vulture's Roost.....

Greetings from Vulture's Roost ~

Since it has been so many years let me give you a tour of Vulture's Roost ~
Vulture's Roost located at 13 Dead End Road complete with a vulture terrace on top is where our story takes place ~
The potions room located on the second floor filled with treasures from special friends ~
The Dragon Room guarded by Vivian the oldest dragon of the manor ~
The top floor with beds for witches and a few coffin beds for visiting vampires ~
The kitchen on the main floor where Nigel prepares meals ~
The parlor on the main floor, just now there is a knock at the door...Who could it be?
Marie opens the door and can't believe her eyes ~
Who could the visitors be that have Marie so shocked to see them?

Could it be that after so long the honeymooners have returned ?

Till next time.....

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~