Monday, September 24, 2012

A Commission and Halloween News ~

Greetings friends ~

September is almost gone, fall is in the air. The mornings are cool and the leaves are changing at a fast pace. I am getting ready for my October blog giveaways and weekly posts. I have a new project to show and lots of miniatures to giveaway so stay tuned.

I would like to share a commission made in August. my customer wanted a potion cupboard to dress herself and hold her collection of potions. We decided a 1/6 scale would be perfect for her needs as it was to sit on a shelf. I scoured the net for the perfect cupboard and came up dry, I remembered a cupboard my daughter had given me about 5 years ago. It took out the drawer in the bottom and made a shelf, I was excited as my customer wanted a purple cupboard...I love purple as you know :) Enough chatter, here are the pictures.

1/6 scale purple cupboard ~ I love how it turned out.

The cupboard is made of plastic and was intended for Barbie ~ I have seen these referred to as Suzy Goose cupboards ~ Not a fan of plastic but this really turned out cool. You know I had a blast embellishing the cupboard with mostly vintage findings and the paint job...well I can get lost in paint :)

This is where the drawer was, I lined the drawer opening to make the shelf ~

The finished cupboard ~

Stay tuned for weekly giveaways in October, starting one week from today. I will be back with a Wizard's cupboard or 2 to share this week.