Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hell ~ It is that Hot

Today it is 97 degrees, it has cooled down to 92. I spent most of the day indoors, Annie on the other hand spent her day swimming in the pond. I would like to share some pictures of the project I am working on. I am doing a Hell series, the first is The 9 Circles of Hell. I love Dante's Divine Comedy Dante's Inferno. As you can see I have my cupboard painted, and am gluing all sorts of found objects on it. I am getting my contents ready, that can take a long time. I will place my bits in cupboard and rearrange and make or find more many times. I drive myself crazy at times. I am also working on a Medieval Knights Templar cupboard for a customer but won't show pictures without her permission so that will have to wait till I'm done. I am so excited to have 2 followers so far, one is my daughter so maybe it don't count.

Sweet Dreams,