Friday, May 27, 2016

Surprise for The Count ~

Thank you everyone for your comments last week, I appreciate everyone who takes the time to comment. Spring is a busy time for me with working outside and getting the greenhouse going for the summer, I will try not to let the blog suffer this summer ~

Last week we revealed the vampire study for The Count. Hattie has brought The Count to Raven's Moon telling him she needs to check up on Nigel and Winston as she is in a hurry to move in and has been shopping for furniture. Hattie tells The Count to stay in the kitchen till she tells him to come up...
Nigel and Winston see Hattie and The Count coming up the road from the second story window as they finish sweeping and dusting the freshly painted and remodeled parlor ~

Hattie barges in and is speechless for a moment (only a tiny moment), she looks all around inspecting the work and tells the boys to work faster... I have a load of furnishings to be delivered next week and my decorator Katrina coming to help me put the finishing touches on the house ~ 

Hattie calls to The Count to come up and see the progress ~ 

Close your eyes and don't look till I tell you to open them ~

Ok, you can look now, what do you think? I had this room decorated just for you ~

You did this for me? I am touched, this study is what I have always dreamed my study would look like ~

Hattie, you have outdone yourself, I can't wait to move my artifacts and papers in ~

Alone at last.....

You two better get with it here and finish this work, I am royalty now and everyone had better start treating me as such you worthless bums!

Worthless bums??? Royalty??? Is she for real???

See you next time for the reveal of the next room ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~

Big Hugs,