Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Snake Story and a peek at Giveaway Prizes ~

Happy Sunday!
Thank you for all your kind comments and a Big Welcome to new followers ~ Tomorrow is the drawing for my first October giveaway. Today I took a photo of some of the prizes I am offering this month. I think I will do themes such as Owls, Witchy, Dragons etc.  for the drawings so if you don't care for a prize you can wait for the next drawing. I am going to step up the pace on the drawings to a couple a week. Following the prize picture I will tell you a snake story and show a little more of 3 Moons Potion and Notion ~
A sampling of the Giveaway Prizes offered this October ~ Everyone who wins a draw will receive  the main prizes and some extras ~ I will have surprise drawings too so stay tuned to this bat channel ~
Yikes...3 Moons seems to be full of snakes.
 I have now come to accept snakes as a good thing on my property as they eat mice and are harmless, at our attitude we have no venomous snakes.
I had to make myself not be startled when I happen on a snake. My cat Tigger used to keep the snakes away from the house but now that he is gone there are a few garter snakes about. Last year I kept seeing the same snake out in the garden so I named him Stanley, I would always look for him when I went to the garden. This spring I saw him right off and was pleased to see he had grown bigger, for the next two months I would see him almost every time I went out. In August I quit seeing Stanley, we had a really hot dry summer so he must have moved down to the creek that runs behind our house. I really miss seeing him and am so proud of myself for overcoming my fear of snakes. Now you know when you see snakes in my work I am thinking of Stanley.

3 Moons is named for my daughter, grandson and myself as we are all born under the sign of Cancer. I am thrilled with the great job  Katie did on designing and making the sign. You will notice there are things in threes throughout the shop. I still have a lot of work to do inside and out, I just wanted to have it ready for October. I will start showing the inside and tell the story of the building which was a gift from my Mother.