Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Snake Story and a peek at Giveaway Prizes ~

Happy Sunday!
Thank you for all your kind comments and a Big Welcome to new followers ~ Tomorrow is the drawing for my first October giveaway. Today I took a photo of some of the prizes I am offering this month. I think I will do themes such as Owls, Witchy, Dragons etc.  for the drawings so if you don't care for a prize you can wait for the next drawing. I am going to step up the pace on the drawings to a couple a week. Following the prize picture I will tell you a snake story and show a little more of 3 Moons Potion and Notion ~
A sampling of the Giveaway Prizes offered this October ~ Everyone who wins a draw will receive  the main prizes and some extras ~ I will have surprise drawings too so stay tuned to this bat channel ~
Yikes...3 Moons seems to be full of snakes.
 I have now come to accept snakes as a good thing on my property as they eat mice and are harmless, at our attitude we have no venomous snakes.
I had to make myself not be startled when I happen on a snake. My cat Tigger used to keep the snakes away from the house but now that he is gone there are a few garter snakes about. Last year I kept seeing the same snake out in the garden so I named him Stanley, I would always look for him when I went to the garden. This spring I saw him right off and was pleased to see he had grown bigger, for the next two months I would see him almost every time I went out. In August I quit seeing Stanley, we had a really hot dry summer so he must have moved down to the creek that runs behind our house. I really miss seeing him and am so proud of myself for overcoming my fear of snakes. Now you know when you see snakes in my work I am thinking of Stanley.

3 Moons is named for my daughter, grandson and myself as we are all born under the sign of Cancer. I am thrilled with the great job  Katie did on designing and making the sign. You will notice there are things in threes throughout the shop. I still have a lot of work to do inside and out, I just wanted to have it ready for October. I will start showing the inside and tell the story of the building which was a gift from my Mother.


  1. here in the Netherlands we're not used to seeing snakes in the wild, so I'm not really a big fan ;-) But in miniature I do like them, they are mysterious!
    Love the snake on your shop and the sign is very nice!!!

  2. The exterior of your shop is awsome. Katie's lable is fabulous.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. What a snake story! Well I admire you Victoria for I don't like snakes either.:)
    Annie is such a cute!
    You are a generous person Victoria! I have no doubts anyone who wins will be thrilled to receive your fantastic miniatures!

  4. Congratulations on beating your fear of snakes! I don't like seeing them in the wild although rationally I know that the snake is more afraid of me than I am of it. It was nice of you to name the snake, and after all, who could be afraid of a snake called Stanley, hahaha.
    And what a generous amount of items for the giveaway, your items are always so amazing and inspiring.



  5. Me encanta las serpientes, son tan misteriosas.
    Me resultan muy dificil de hacer, la tuya es genial.
    Espero que pronto te vuelva a visitar Stanley y enhorabuena por desprenderte de tus miedos.
    Me encantan tus trabajos y todo lo que has hecho para los sorteos es precioso, me encantaria tener algun trabajo tuyo.
    Por cierto yo tambien soy Cancer, naci el 18 de Julio del 1958 jeje
    besitos ascension

  6. Hi Victoria,
    I wish I will be able to visit 3 Moons Shop and play with Annie someday!

    Your post are always really interesting and funny!
    And of course I love your drawings!

    Mini Hugs,

  7. We had a black racer that would visit us too like Stanley. Funny how you never see then then its like they are everywhere. I love the story about your shop, it's always cool when you can incorporate real life into your miniatures. I have photos of my grandma who passed away in some of my mini scenes, I just alter the images from color to black and white depending on the scenes. Soo generous of you for your October giveaways! Have a great week!

  8. Hello Victoria :) what a fantastic lot of goodies. I love your shop the sign is amazing and perfect for your shop. The little candle on the window sill is so cute. I love your snake I have only ever seen a real one in a zoo. We don't have snakes in Ireland legend has it that Saint Patrick banished all the snakes from Ireland :D ( he forgot the politicians lol )
    Hugs Maria

  9. We had a few snakes when I lived out on the farm, they would stay out behind the barn though and never came up to the house. (we had a barn cat names smokey who kept the little snakes away)

    as long as they stayed out by the barn I didn't have a problem with them. Your give away looks awesome!

    Marisa :)

  10. Ahhhh, that's why the comment on my nephew's cobra t-shirt :):). By the way, I have snakes in my home too :). Just saw a beauty slithering through the fence. Ultimate grace if we put aside our fears :).

    I will love to hear the stories about 3 moon ! By the way, I am born in the year of the snake :)

  11. What a fun month this is going to be, Victoria! I love your stories about Stanley and 3 Moons. xo Jennifer

  12. October is going to be a great month - I really can't wait to see and hear more aobut 3 Moon, what a nice background for the name. And now after hearing about Stanley all your beautiful snake ornaments seem to be even more beautiful... and speaking of beauty - nice to see Annie!


  13. OOOOH, Slithery.... I am not OVERLY Fond of snakes... but I'm not really scared of them either! They make a Great Creepy Motif... I LOVE the one on your Shop! And What a Wonderful Story about the Beautiful name! I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations!!!

  14. Hello Victoria,
    It's going to be a very busy month for you! The Three moons is lookign awsome! I'll have to take your strategy one day to get over my fear of snakes...eech!
    Thanks for the reminder Annie!
    Big hug,

  15. Go you on liking snakes! I would be screeching like a crazy lady if I saw one near my house! I love the 3 moons sign that Katie did too! hugs, Ara