Friday, May 27, 2011

Vulture's Roost....New friends and old ~

Marie and Clarence her bat minion are tending to new dragon hatchlings who just arrived from the UK ~ Marie had ordered dragon eggs from the Dragon Queen and they had hatched enroute ~ The babies are a mess so Marie and Clarence are giving them a bath ~

Clarence a ooak bat minion by Celtic JuJu friend Julie Rodgers ~
The new twin dragon hatchlings getting a good bath ~ they were sure stinky after being cooped up in that crate all the way from the UK ~

The Dragon Twins by The Mini Dragon Queen friend Nicky Cooper ~ She also made Titan my big dragon head ~  
Marie finally was able to get back to her cleaning ~ Marie worried as she swept ~ What does Hattie want ? why is she coming back here? I don't even have a bed for her to sleep in, what am I going to do? Just as Marie finished her cleaning of the small potion room she heard a knock on the door ~ Marie jumped in fright, could it be Hattie? With dread Marie started down stairs to answer the door ~

Who is at the door ~ is it Hattie?  Knock, Knock, Knock ~

Lucas looks down from his roost on the balcony at the visitor knocking on the door ~ Lucas calls out " Hello old friend, long time no see "

Marie flings the door open to find an old friend ~ it is Nigel a nobel and gentle werewolf ~

Nigel am so glad to see you. What brings you back to Vulture's Roost?
 Nigel explained with a toothsome grin, I have come to help. I heard Hattie was on her way back and thought you could use some help.
 Marie cried in relief, Oh Nigel I could sure use a strong wolf's help around here.
No need to worry Marie, you have more help coming in a day or two. Cousin Carlanne will be on the next train.

Cousin Carlanne is on the 3 o'clock train ~

Nigel the werewolf is my first animal doll in polymer clay ~

Till next time........