Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Party ~

Happy Halloween ~ I hope everyone has a wonderful night~
This is my halloween Party room box from last year, I think the party is still in full swing ~

Congratulations Margriet ~ You have won the last drawing for October ~
Please message me your info and I will get your goodies in the mail ~
And yes...Hattie still has a bat problem ~
My next drawing will be for 300 followers ~

Margriet won this Pirate scroll set and other goodies ~

I wanted to share this Awesome hat kit from Kat the Hat Lady ~ I had so much fun putting this together ~ 

A side view of the lovely lady ~ she has a smile to die for LOL ~

A back view of the hat ~
This is my collection of vintage Gurley Halloween candles, the black cats are my favorites ~
This is a vintage liquor set I found at a yard sale for 2.00 ~ I thought it looked nice with my Halloween treasures ~
A final picture of the still not finished Halloween tree, I will make more decorations for it next year ~
My Halloween post has come to a close ~
All the characters of Vulture's Roost wish you a Happy All Hallow's Eve and will be back this week with a new story ~


Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Trees

Today I would like to talk about Halloween Trees and Thank Wendy the Very Good Witch for  this wonderful box of goodies I won on her blog The Halloween Tree ~ Wendy only blogs this time of year in celebration of  Autumn ~ I encourage you to visit Wendy's blog to see her fabulous home decorated to the nines for Halloween ~
When I won her drawing for the book The Halloween Tree I was working on a commission of bottles for a Halloween Tree ~ As I made the bottles for her tree I started thinking about my own tree sitting naked and dusty ~ My customer wanted me to make ornaments for another small tree in her Halloween Party box so I started on those all the while  thinking this all had a connection ~ I had to start my own Halloween Tree ~
A Big Thank You to Wendy for the Wonderful box of goodies ~ Now lets look at some Halloween trees ~
This black feather tree belongs to Cathy Foley ~ I have lost my notes but think it is 18 inches tall, maybe Cathy will pop in and correct me if I am wrong ~ I love how the bottles and bulbs shine, Cathy did an excellent job decorating this tree ~
This is Cathy's one inch scale tree she was going to put in her room box but decided to put it under a dome instead to display at her husband's office for Halloween ~ Ornaments made by me, Cathy made the presents and tree skirt and Grim Kim created the spooky Jack in the boxes and voodoo doll ~ Cathy put it altogether on this base, I think she did an Awesome job ~
This is my poor tree so far, not too impressive ~ I have more skulls glittered and drying  and a few more ornaments in the works ~ I will post another picture on Monday's post of my finished tree ~

Spider bottle ~ don't look Maria LOL ~

Owl bottle ~

Skull bottle ~

A Vampire bottle ~

Thank you for dropping by and don't forget to come back on Monday for my Halloween Vulture's Roost post and to see the winner of the Pirate Scrolls, who knows it could be you ~


Monday, October 24, 2011

Vulture's Roost a new Giveaway and October Projects.....

This weeks drawing is hosted by Hattie ~ Hattie still can't make the bats let go ~ maybe bats will become the latest fashion accessory.... it might just catch on :)

This weeks giveaway is a Pirate scroll, a bundle of scrolls and some other surprise goodies ~ To enter just leave a comment on this post ~ you must be a follower of this blog ~


This is the hutch in my studio that I am decorating for halloween ~  Red is one of my favorite colors if you haven't guessed by now LOL ~

This is my Halloween tree that I will be decorating and sharing with you this week ~ I have a whole post planned on the subject of Halloween trees ~
I wanted to share this table with  you ~ My friend Maria made me this crazy witch leg table , isn't it wild? Today is Maria's Birthday ~ Happy Birthday Maria!
All Hallow's Eve coffin shelf ~ a commission I did this month ~
This is Magical Dream a witch's cupboard I finished this month ~ this is sold

Join me all week for Halloween postings and an update on Vulture's Roost ~
If you are having a Halloween Party on your blog please feel free to leave a link with your comment ~

Thank you and Mini Hugs,

And the Winner is......

This weeks winner is Kim of  Flowers & Art ~
Congratulations Kim!

Kim wins this set of vampire pictures, a set of glow in the dark candles and some other  goodies ~
Kim please send me your contact information at ~

I will be back later tonight with a new post and a new drawing so stay turned ~


Monday, October 17, 2011

Vulture's Roost...A new drawing, a Bat Problem and an interesting find ~

This weeks drawing is hosted by Cousin Carlanne ~
The winning name drawn will win these Awesome vampire pictures for their doll house and a set of glow in the dark candles plus some other goodies ~

The Vampire pictures come from an Etsy shop Studio 11 Charms ~ Her charms make excellent doll house pictures ~
to enter the drawing you need to be a follower of this blog and leave a comment on this post ~
The winning name will be drawn Monday October 24 ~ Now back to our story ~

Fade in...Simone's cabin ~After whispering to the bat for help, Hattie tried to sneak out only to run into Simone and Nigel ~ Nigel comments "Why are all those bats hanging on you and what business do you have in Simone's loft?" Dusty Pearl and Wulf are excited by bat covered Hattie ~

Hattie is screaming "Get these bats off of me, they are scratching my beautiful skin and messing up my hair" Too bad Hattie 350 miles to the nearest Red Door Salon heehee ~

Simone has had enough of Hattie and her spells gone bad ~ "Please  leave and take all your little bat friends with you"
Will Hattie get rid of the bats? Will the Count ever arrive? Does he even exist? Will there be a wedding?

Before we leave, I wanted to let you know Simone received some of the boxes containing her books ~

Before I go I wanted to share a find ~ These are tiny antique pictures that I found in the bottom of a box of pictures I purchased for Secret Squirrel Vintage my brick and mortar store ~ I rarely keep anything because I have too much stuff as it is ~ I am going to keep these tiny pictures for one of my doll houses, aren't they interesting? The old man is downright creepy ~

That is all for today ~ I will be back soon with some special Halloween related posts so stay tuned ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~


This weeks winner is .............

This weeks winner is....Ara!
Congratulations Ara, you win the bat study paper stack, red drippy candles and other goodies ~
Please email me at  with your address so I can get your goodies mailed out ~

Ara's goodies ~

I will be back today with next weeks drawing and a little tale of Vulture's Roost ~


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vulture's Roost Giveaway news and Bat Whispering ~

Having no luck with her bat calling spell, Hattie remembered there were bats at Simone's cabin ~ Hattie rushed over and snuck up to the loft bedroom ~ Now what are you doing Hattie? Oh I see bat whispering, good luck on that plan ~
Lucas wanted me to let you know the drawing for the Bat Study and candles will be held on Monday October  17 ~ if you can't leave a comment please feel free to email me at ---------------- and I will add your name to the draw ~ You must be a follower and you are welcome to post this on your blog ~
Back at Vulture's Roost Nigel has caught the snakes and is attempting to have a Snake Stew in the front garden ~ You are all invited...those with initials A to L bring a salad and M to Z bring a dessert. Drinks and tableware will be provided ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~


Thank you Janice!

A Big Thank you to Janice!
Janice made these Beautiful pots of flowers which look lovely displayed on the patio of my old doll house ~
Janice who's blog is On Being a Mini Mum had a generous giveaway on her blog and I was a lucky winner ~

This Beautiful Fall wreath was included with the flowers ~
Janice, Thank you so much! Your flower making skills are just amazing ~


Monday, October 10, 2011

Vulture's Roost News and a new Drawing............

Congratulations to Birgit the winner of the Dragon scroll set and other goodies ~

This weeks drawing is hosted by Lucas ~ He is offering a set of red drippy candles and a Bat Study stack of aged papers ~
To enter you need to be a follower and post a comment on this blog post, if you are having blog comment trouble you may email me at  and I will add your name to the draw ~ You may post my contest on your blog if you wish ~

Hattie had so much good advice we put the names of those who offered advice in the box and drew Irina, please email me your info so I can mail your prize ~
Hattie has decided to cast a tiny spell on the Count....who knows if she has the right stuff, looks like a giant mess to me ~ plan B is to send out the bats after him but there are no bats at Vultures Roost ~ what a mess Hattie has made in the kitchen, Nigel is going to kill her when he sees it ~ Nigel won't let anyone else cook....bossy werewolves ~" I would like to cast a spell on him so his hair all falls out" Hattie mutters to herself ~ "I guess I will try to call some bats now, where is the spell book?"
The Count's bed has been made ready....will he ever sleep here? 
Aunt Agnes moved over to Simone's cabin to avoid all the drama ~ Simone placed her over her potion chest so she could help make potions even though Agnes hasn't uttered a word in 500 years ~ 
Back at Vulture's Roost we seem to be having a snake problem on the Vulture Terrace...oh crap Hattie you called snakes not bats!!!! " Who needs a recipe" famous last words ~
Snakes everywhere ~ Snakes alive.....what are we going to do? Looks like Nigel is going to have to cook up some more snakes ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~


And the Winner is.........

The winner of this weeks drawing is Birgit ~
Birgit wins a Dragon scroll set and some other goodies ~
Congratulations Birgit, please email me your info  at  ~

Thank you to all who entered and stay tuned for the next drawing which will be announced this evening ~

Thank you and Hugs,

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vulture's Roost...the Celebration Continues ~

This weeks drawing is hosted by Nigel ~ The drawing will be for a Dragon Scroll set and some other surprise goodies ~
to enter in the drawing leave a comment on this post ~
The winner will be drawn on Monday October 10 ~
Thank you to all who entered last weeks drawing and Congrats to Day Dreamer who won the white pumpkins and some surprise goodies ~
First today I would like to show a few pictures of the potion room in Vulture's Roost as requested by a follower ~ The room is far from done ~ I will have more time this Winter ~ My pictures are not too good today, it is cloudy ~ The potion room contains works by Nicky CC, Debie Lyons, Ericka VanHorn and myself ~

A view of the back wall ~

A view of the desk and Beautiful Unicorn mount by Nicky CC, she also did the Dragon mount in this picture ~

What is this? A pack of hounds hanging out in the front garden ~ No it is Dusty Pearl, Shadow and Wulf who is Nigel's black German Shepherd ~ The fall weather is lovely in the garden ~

Lucas keeps watch over Vulture's Roost, he sees all ~

Are those tears? Still no word from the Count ~ how could he do this to me?
No one could leave a beauty like this standing at the alter, could they?

Will the Count show? Should Hattie cast a spell? Where is the Count?
So many questions ~ What should Hattie do?
Who ever gives Hattie the best advice will win a little prize ~ just leave a comment on this post ~
The story of Simone's cabin ~

Simone's cabin was originally built as a Christmas decoration out of small cedar logs in the early 60's. It was closed in on all sides with small windows and a tiny door. The cabin had Christmas lights inside. A good friend was cleaning out her Mother's house and out buildings when this was found. Knowing I had doll houses and liked small things she asked if I would like it, you know I said yes ~
I took the roof off and cleaned out the old lights and dirt, the floor was log so I ripped that out too. My sweet hubby sawed off the front so I could work on the inside, he found scrap wood for the floor and metal for the roof. I then chinked the logs with Das air dry clay, I tried paper clay first but didn't know at the time you needed to add glue to the walls to make it stick. So what to do with this log cabin? Back then in the days before Harry Potter and spooky minis I thought a hunting and fishing lodge would be good. So for years I tried to do the hunting lodge and was never happy with it. For one thing all my goofy camo wearing dolls who lived there just drank beer, played pool and told fish stories. The only good thing was the snake coming up out of the kitchen sink ~ The floors are covered in paper I printed out, at some point I may redo them as I don't really like them. I built the fire place and chimney with wood and covered it in egg carton stones, I do like it still so I guess I did that right. I have learned so many things over the years of crafting miniatures, my first doll house was put together with hot glue LOL. I don't know why I decided to move Simone into the cabin but I'm glad I did, it just seems right and I now love the cabin.

I will post some pictures of the outside of the cabin one of these days, there is a bear climbing out of the chimney too ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~

Friends who are having trouble commenting and would like to enter the drawing please email me at and I will add your name to the drawing ~

Thank you and Hugs,