Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Trees

Today I would like to talk about Halloween Trees and Thank Wendy the Very Good Witch for  this wonderful box of goodies I won on her blog The Halloween Tree ~ Wendy only blogs this time of year in celebration of  Autumn ~ I encourage you to visit Wendy's blog to see her fabulous home decorated to the nines for Halloween ~
When I won her drawing for the book The Halloween Tree I was working on a commission of bottles for a Halloween Tree ~ As I made the bottles for her tree I started thinking about my own tree sitting naked and dusty ~ My customer wanted me to make ornaments for another small tree in her Halloween Party box so I started on those all the while  thinking this all had a connection ~ I had to start my own Halloween Tree ~
A Big Thank You to Wendy for the Wonderful box of goodies ~ Now lets look at some Halloween trees ~
This black feather tree belongs to Cathy Foley ~ I have lost my notes but think it is 18 inches tall, maybe Cathy will pop in and correct me if I am wrong ~ I love how the bottles and bulbs shine, Cathy did an excellent job decorating this tree ~
This is Cathy's one inch scale tree she was going to put in her room box but decided to put it under a dome instead to display at her husband's office for Halloween ~ Ornaments made by me, Cathy made the presents and tree skirt and Grim Kim created the spooky Jack in the boxes and voodoo doll ~ Cathy put it altogether on this base, I think she did an Awesome job ~
This is my poor tree so far, not too impressive ~ I have more skulls glittered and drying  and a few more ornaments in the works ~ I will post another picture on Monday's post of my finished tree ~

Spider bottle ~ don't look Maria LOL ~

Owl bottle ~

Skull bottle ~

A Vampire bottle ~

Thank you for dropping by and don't forget to come back on Monday for my Halloween Vulture's Roost post and to see the winner of the Pirate Scrolls, who knows it could be you ~



  1. Looks cool! thanks for sharing about the Halloween trees. :)

  2. Eekkk! Spiders! I hate spiders. But thanks for the pre-warning, Vickie. All the trees are wonderful! your tree made from wire? I am already looking forward to Monday's post. Happy Halloween, everyone!!!
    Maria (the witch-leg table lady)

  3. Halloween trees - what fun. I've never heard of that - I think we still have to learn a lot about Halloween around here... ;O)


  4. I disagree with you, no no no, completely! Your tree is FABULOUS! I love it just as it is, V. I think it is atmospheric . The bare nakedness is what makes it Halloweenish. Your ornaments are lovely and hanging them on the tree branches this way really make it easy for people to admire them too. LOVE IT!

  5. The Halloween trees are fantastic!
    Bye Faby

  6. I have to say I LOVE your tree most, Victoria! It is just the best looking tree for Halloween! Hugs:)

  7. I must agree.. Your tree to me is the best.

    The others - well.. I'm shamed to say, but to me they are more like christmas trees, but your tree... I LOVE it!

    I think a HALLOWEEN tree should look just like that ^^

    Happy Halloween to you from here Finland _0/

    MiniHugs, Irina

  8. I, too, LOVE your Halloween tree the best.... it NEEDS that Spooky Bare Branches look! I LOVE your themed potion bottles too! This is really cool.... uh oh.... do I need another Tree to decorate in MY house.... Oh Dear, this may have started something..... :):)!

  9. Feliz Halloween!!!!
    Me encantan todos los detlles que has hecho, son fantasticos.
    besitos ascension

  10. Wonderful! I'd better get on with mine!