Thursday, October 11, 2012

We need Answers!

Yoo Hoo is there anyone here??? Minerva has looked everywhere, the shop seems to be empty ~

Tiffany peeks in the window giggling at the dilemma  of the missing shop keeper ~

The little witches go into the shop to see if they can stir the pot a bit ~

All of a sudden a big black toothsome wolf bursts in the door! Have no fear Nigel is here.
Nigel wants to know where is Hattie? She was keeping the shop to earn money for a wedding dress and now she has disappeared  Nigel is going to get to the bottom of this!

There is a small cry from the roof top... Is that Hattie? Why is Hattie on the roof?

Stay tuned tomorrow as the story unfolds.

Tiffany, Ella and Minerva McGonagall were made by friend Nicky CC

Nigel and Hattie were made by me for Vulture's Roost, my haunted house.

See you tomorrow for the Spooky drawing and later in the day another post with the new drawing. Thank you to my followers for your kind comments and a Big Welcome to new followers.