Friday, April 15, 2011

Vulture's Roost Progress... Dragons on my mind

The Dragon Room is coming together at last ~ I spent a couple of days trying to get the wall finish just right ~ I did many washes of green and black wash then an ink wash and topped it with a homemade glaze of copper and matte medium ~ I have added my furniture all handmade by myself, the table was a kit I did years ago ~ my lighting so far are battery powered lights from Hobby Builders Supply, I ordered them in January and finally received them 2 weeks ago. The yellow light on the floor by the table is a battery powered cube thing that was in a box of stuff I bought at a yard sale ~ 

Another view of the room ~ I still have more to add as you can see ~ 

Dragon eggs by Nikki Rowe, I am sure if you are reading this you know Nikki and her work. Nikki has created some amazing miniatures, visit her blog Witch and Wizard Miniatures ~ The little guy in the basket is Fido created by Nicky CC , visit Nicky's Dragon blog The Mini Dragon Queen ~ 

The dragon table ~ skull by Nikki Rowe ~ books by Nikki Rowe and Ericka VanHorn ~ scrolls by Dfly Creations ~ dragon embryo by Ericka VanHorn ~
Visit Ericka's blog EV Miniatures and Lorraine's blog Dollhouse Minis by Dfly ~

I want to Thank blog friend Glenda of Peppercorn Minis for offering me all these beautiful dragon things she had collected for a project. Thanks to Glenda I have a dragon room ~

Glenda included these wonderful gifts in my package ~ Glenda makes and sells the little leather journals and  potion bottles in her Etsy shop undancey ~

On to the top floor bedroom on our tour ~ I made a bed for my witches, I still need to dress it. ~

The vampire beds are lined but not dressed yet ~ Thank you to Susan who's blog is Tabitha Corsica for sending me red silk and velvet for the coffins ~

A view of the whole top floor ~ I am making a curtain to hang between the rooms, you can see the hooks I have installed to hold it ~

Well that is all for now ~ I have many other things started for Vulture's Roost and will do a post when I have more done ~

Everyone have a wonderful weekend ~

Mini Hugs
Victoria ❤