Monday, August 16, 2010

Autumn Fairy Harp

I have needed to make some Fairy Harps for my shop for sometime. I have to be in the mood for moss and fae, we have had fall like weather the last few days so I made Autumn Harps. I think I like these better than my regular harps with flowers. The second one isn't finished yet and is over the top with many acorn planters. Here is the one I will list in my Etsy shop today. I am working on some smaller projects for my shop which I will post when they are complete. Annie is enjoying the cooler weather, we had a scare with her this weekend. She eats everything she sees, we uncovered a cow skull digging the pond bigger which she grabbed and chewed on. It made her have a blockage and made her very sick, she is on the mend now and feeling good. I will be glad when the puppy stage has ended. I will show some doll house pictures this week, sorry I didn't get around to it last week. Thank You for reading my ramblings.