Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Knight's Tale

I just have to say Thank You for following my blog, I now have 11 followers YIPPIE! This week I am working on a commission for a Knights Cupboard for a child. I have picked a vintage cupboard that looked a little medieval and cut a back for it with the scroll saw my hubby just bought for me. I am going to start making my own cupboards, I prefer vintage ones but live in a rural area where it is impossible to find anything. How to find supplies when you live in the middle of nowhere will be a post in itself. I got the back glued on my cupboard and did a little painting and ripped out some shelves. I still don't know what all will go in here. I have gathered up some bits and am making shields and some flags. I made a Templar knights helmet to put in the cupboard. Maybe some of my followers have some ideas to what I need to fill this cupboard. I have some swords stashed away and will use them. I will post pictures when I start to place my bits.

Till next time,