Friday, September 3, 2010

The Original Sin

Well here it is Friday and I have wasted this day so far. I had to clean off my work space to take these photos, that took a couple of hours. I did have convos in between with a friend and one from Grim at Cauldron Craft Miniatures to tell me Black Magic was featured in one of her Treasuries. Wish I could link that to my blog but my keyboard got damaged ( dropped a Buddha on it) and I can't link now, half the time the shift key won't work. at least I can put it on FaceBook thanks to the Share button.

Here are some pictures of Sin a new cupboard I am working on and the next on which I just started, it will be a witch theme I think. I have just started gluing on findings and have many bottles to make. Sin is black with a copper crackle finish and highlights. I took out and added shelves and built another shelf on top. I have one more busy weekend at Secret Squirrel then I can kick back a bit.

I now have 15 entries in my blog give away. I will draw the name on Tuesday September 7 so if you are reading and have not entered go to that post and make a comment.

Annie is out chasing butterflies and dragonflies, she never catches them but sure does try.

Everyone have a safe Labor Day weekend
Victoria ♥♥♥


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