Friday, September 3, 2010

The Original Sin

Well here it is Friday and I have wasted this day so far. I had to clean off my work space to take these photos, that took a couple of hours. I did have convos in between with a friend and one from Grim at Cauldron Craft Miniatures to tell me Black Magic was featured in one of her Treasuries. Wish I could link that to my blog but my keyboard got damaged ( dropped a Buddha on it) and I can't link now, half the time the shift key won't work. at least I can put it on FaceBook thanks to the Share button.

Here are some pictures of Sin a new cupboard I am working on and the next on which I just started, it will be a witch theme I think. I have just started gluing on findings and have many bottles to make. Sin is black with a copper crackle finish and highlights. I took out and added shelves and built another shelf on top. I have one more busy weekend at Secret Squirrel then I can kick back a bit.

I now have 15 entries in my blog give away. I will draw the name on Tuesday September 7 so if you are reading and have not entered go to that post and make a comment.

Annie is out chasing butterflies and dragonflies, she never catches them but sure does try.

Everyone have a safe Labor Day weekend
Victoria ♥♥♥


  1. that's going to look very nice when it's finished


  2. Thank you Marisa! Have a great Labor Day weekend, hope you are off and not working like me hee hee.

    Victoria ♥

  3. can you make a full size one lol ! i love the top of this , it looks like lace work and is just beautiful ! ..Have just done a catch up on your blog , my you have been busy ! ..Love the house . Looking at it you just feel as if you could step right into it . Wish i could enter but live too far away , never mind its just wonderful to be able to see your wonderful creations . Your desk sounds like mine by the way lol .. Thanks so much for the comments you left on my blog regarding the cards made by my grand-children , they will love seeing that ! ..Take care hun and have a wonderful day .. Many hugs Melita xx

  4. I love the lattice work on it too! I clicked on it to see the colour better and its great. What wonderful coloured bottles will be going in this one Victoria? Kate xxx

  5. Kate the bottles will be earthy colors. I did the lattice on my perfume cupboard to build the top up too. You know me, I like to make em tall. Will do a smaller green soon.

    Victoria XXX

  6. Me encantan tus trabajos, el negro es mi color favorito y los temas de brujas son mi debilidad, por lo tanto seguro que me encantara tu nuevo proyecto.
    besitos ascension

  7. Victoria, The High Priestess of Cupboard Basher herself :), the lattice work on Sin is a brilliant touch! It must be so fun doing this all the time and have them in homes all over the world :).

  8. Tee Hee Sans! Thank you it is fun. I wish I did it all the time, I just get started on some detail and get interrupted to get stickers off dog, cook, find something for hubby. You are the new High Priestess of Cupboard Bashing now, you Won the title with your cupboard. That was so amazing!