Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Work Begins & We Got Mail!!!

The work begins... this is the dining room, I tried to peel off the old wallpaper but it wouldn't bulge, I remember I used real wallpaper paste on it. I got the brilliant idea to paint the walls with chalk paint like you use on furniture, my helpers have arrived so I can hand this over to them ~

Nigel and his cousin Winston have been hired to do the remodel on Raven's Moon, Winston can really paint fast. I have printed out some paper for the floor and will add it when the painting is finished ~

Don't let Winston's looks scare you, he is a big sweetie just like Nigel ~ Winston was a gift from my daughter ~
We received a package today from friend Shirley at Shirley's Dream City for being her first blog followers. Thank you so much Shirley! What a fun assortment of gifts, the dragons will use the basket to gather treasures on their next nature hike, the magical stones, skull and broom will go in Vulture's Roost and the silk fabric will be used in bedding for Hattie and The Count's new bed. The table will be saved for a future project. There was one more treasure in the package and Nigel has laid claim to it ~

A guitar! Nigel has always wanted a guitar so he can be a Rock Star ~ Thank you Shirley for making his dreams come true ~

We will all be back soon with more news on the remodel ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~

Big Hugs,