Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome Christine Verstraete....

Today, I welcome miniaturist and writer">ChristineVerstraete.  
Hi Victoria, thanks for letting me appear on your blog! I'm happy to talk (and talk!) about minis (what else, right?) - and celebrate release of my latest book, <a href=""> IN MINIATURE STYLE II.  The book is available in eBook/pdf, Kindle, iPad, other e-formats, and print. 
The book includes updated and new features, photos & dozens of new how-to projects in various categories by talented miniaturists and IGMA artisans. See above link for photos, details and where to buy.
I have to say that I LOVE Victoria's imaginative cabinets, and the house she's working on is so cool! Funny thing is if I had to pick a couple favorite things in that house, it's the floor and the coffin-shaped cabinet. A while ago, I was working on the same thing, but in half scale. Done, except to glue in other shelves. What threw me off was being unable to decide on the setting... I have this neat Gothic-looking clock I found, love it!, but it's only a few inches deep with glass in front and a front opening door, so I have to figure out how to expand it. Ideas/suggestions are welcome! I really do want several rooms and it'll probably be on two floors. Don't you hate when something stops a project?
Anyway, I'll let Victoria get in here... 
Welcome to my blog Chris! I just read your new book this weekend and throughly enjoyed it. You have included many easy DIY projects in this book, great for the beginner or for a reference  on how to do something you have forgotten. I love all the pictures of the dollhouses and smaller scale miniature scenes in unusual containers, How cute is a kitchen in a toaster. I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys miniatures and would like to mention the small price if you choose to download it to your computer.
So, on to... The Contest!

Each blog on the tour features one question for a kind of online scavenger hunt. The answer may be at Chris's">blog (type the words in the search box in left column), but will most likely be on her">website. Hint: click miniatures, a good place to start, or see the >IN MINIATURE STYLE II book page and video.
Comment on that day's blog (DO NOT post the question's answer!) to be eligible to win the day's prize. Then collect all 7 answers  --- EMAIL all to me with Blog Tour in subject line to chris @ (remove spaces or click contact at website or on blog) - DO NOT POST ANSWERS ONLINE!!. There's a new question and prize each day. Names will be drawn from correct entries.  **See Chris's">blog for the prize list and tour schedule.**
Today's Contest Question
Question 6: Name one of the flowers in the book (other than the hydrangea on the cover! Too easy!) 
Christine Verstraete
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