Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bog Schnargle and sick dragons ~

When we left you Marie was hurrying to answer the door. Who is the strange little creature at the door?

"I am so relieved you have come, hurry we must get upstairs to the Dragon room. The Doctor is already here and nothing he has tried has worked, the poor dragons are sick and I fear the worst. Hurry Oliver !!!

Oliver is a Bog Schnargle Wizzard made by Nicky CC.

Upstairs in the Dragon room Oliver examines the sick dragons. Oliver asks Marie how long the dragons have been in this state of ill health, Marie explains it started about the time Hattie started working at 3 Moons Potions and Notions. What could this have to do with the dragons being sick?

The poor dragons have not ate in days and just lay huddled together, they seem so sad.

Viviane looks like she is going to cry. Stay tuned as the mystery unfolds.

The Halloween drawing will be for this Kat the Hat Lady witch hat! You may comment on this post to be in the drawing plus any other drawings you were in this month the names will be added too.
The back of the beautiful witch hat by Kat the Hat Lady.
All Dragons in this post made by Nicky CC.

Stay tuned as the mystery unfolds and remember :

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~