Monday, September 24, 2012

A Commission and Halloween News ~

Greetings friends ~

September is almost gone, fall is in the air. The mornings are cool and the leaves are changing at a fast pace. I am getting ready for my October blog giveaways and weekly posts. I have a new project to show and lots of miniatures to giveaway so stay tuned.

I would like to share a commission made in August. my customer wanted a potion cupboard to dress herself and hold her collection of potions. We decided a 1/6 scale would be perfect for her needs as it was to sit on a shelf. I scoured the net for the perfect cupboard and came up dry, I remembered a cupboard my daughter had given me about 5 years ago. It took out the drawer in the bottom and made a shelf, I was excited as my customer wanted a purple cupboard...I love purple as you know :) Enough chatter, here are the pictures.

1/6 scale purple cupboard ~ I love how it turned out.

The cupboard is made of plastic and was intended for Barbie ~ I have seen these referred to as Suzy Goose cupboards ~ Not a fan of plastic but this really turned out cool. You know I had a blast embellishing the cupboard with mostly vintage findings and the paint job...well I can get lost in paint :)

This is where the drawer was, I lined the drawer opening to make the shelf ~

The finished cupboard ~

Stay tuned for weekly giveaways in October, starting one week from today. I will be back with a Wizard's cupboard or 2 to share this week.



  1. Wow, Victoria! What an Awesome cupboard!!! I know what you mean about plastic.... but there are some wonderful plastic things out there...(think Lego and Playmobil!) You have worked miracles with that cupboard... the paint is Divine!
    I Look forward to your giveaways! :):)

  2. If you didn't tell me that was plastic, I would have never guessed. The paint job is terrific. It gives it a great old wood look. Very cool :)

  3. Ooh! I LOVE the color on that! Great job!

  4. Wow, Victoria! This is just gorgeous! I love the color! xo Jennifer

  5. Wow ... the board is absolutely fantastic!

  6. Wow, who would have thought that the cupboard is made of plastic! A lovely color and some jewels and nobody needs to know :)

  7. Hello Victoria,
    It is superb. I just love the detail in the color! It is so much better then if it was just flat. It is so well done and you add just enough to make it stand out and shine, but not overdo it.
    Fantastic work! I'm sure your client will be very happy to have this wonderful piece in their coillection.
    Big hug,

  8. Plastic? Really? It looks like a wooden thing! Awesome job Victoria! And what a beautiful colour!

  9. Hola Victoria
    ME ENCANTA!!!!!!!!!!!
    Me gusta el color, cada uno de los detalles que has puesto........un fantastico trabajo!!
    besitos ascension

  10. that's just Awesome and I'm glad to see you AND you're working in my scale :)

    today is a wonderful day :)



  11. This ist absolutely amazing - I would never have guessed that this beautiful cupboard has a plastic core. But nevertheless, sometimes plastic things fit perfect for our purposes... Great job!


  12. Original! I like the color and decorations.
    Kiss Faby

  13. Wow fantastic cupboard. I love the colour. I also would not know it was plastic if you had not said. Wonderful job.
    Hugs Maria

  14. It's beautiful, Vic! Very! Because it look just like wood ;)