Friday, September 7, 2012

A Wizard's Study ~

A Happy September to all!  A Big Welcome to new followers and Thank you to my long time followers for your kind comments and emails.

Fall is my favorite time of year. The cool evenings, chilly mornings and the foliage changing color.
 I would like to share my latest little cupboard. I bought this cupboard with the Wizard's study in mind, I thought it was perfect with the shelves, desk, drawer and bottom cupboard.
A Wizard's Study ~ 

This cupboard holds many little surprises, potions, papers, a desk, books, scrolls, and magic!

The study has a potion cabinet packed with potions, a crystal ball and unicorn horns ~

Cupboard can be displayed open or closed for when your Wizard is away ~

The pull down desk top holds an open dragon book, in the cubbyhole are papers, scrolls, a book and an inkwell ~

The top holds magical potions, a real crystal ball, a unicorn horn and vintage jewels ~

The bottom cupboard holds potions, scrolls, 3 removable books and a unicorn horn ~

An open dragon book and a drawer filled with magic ~

A Wizards Study measures 6 1/8 inches tall, 3 3/4 inches wide and 1 14 inches deep ~ I will be listing it in my shop Dark Squirrel this afternoon ~

I will be back with some personal projects this weekend.

Mini Hugs,


  1. This is really fantastic! Very nice.


  2. You were right - this piece was perfect for your project... and you've done magic to it. So many details, so much to discover - and what I really like is this glittery, slimy, magical green stuff everywhere. Looks fantastic - the slime as well as the cupboard... *grin*


  3. What a Cool Cabinet, Victoria! I Love the fold down desk.... am thinking of trying to Make one myself....! You always fill your cabinets with the most Amazing array of mysterious items!!! This will be for a very Lucky Wizard!!!

  4. Thank you! I really enjoyed working on this cupboard.

  5. Fun piece, Victoria! It is good to hear from you! xo Jennifer

  6. Wow Fantastic cupboard. Wonderful magical details I love it.
    Hugs Maria

  7. Hello victoria,
    Fantastic job! If I were a wizard I'd call you to decorate my home! The detail and thought that goes into each of your pieces is just fantastic. Well dfone.
    Big hug,

  8. How do you do all these details!!!?? It blows my mind everytime. It would probably take me a year to make a cabinet so lovely! hugs, Ara

  9. why am I always late to the party? as usual victoria it looks wonderful :)

    sorry I'm so late


  10. I love that you put little details in every little nook and cranny. It's so incredibly perfect. You think of it all!