Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Herbalist and some updates...

I hope everyone has had a great summer. I have been busy this summer and thought I had better make a blog post. I haven't got the wedding ready yet and don't see it happening until this fall or winter. Not having the wedding ready has kept me from blogging because I don't want to let my readers down, so there I have said it and hope you understand.
I have been busy with some miniatures which I would like to share, today I will show you The Herbalist a one inch scale cupboard I have wanted to do for a long time.

The Herbalist ~
This cupboard could be for a witch, wizard or a fairy ~ the colors are purple and copper. I started with a Bespaq sideboard I bought from another miniaturist who was destashing her horde. I cut a back and made shelves for the herbs. Every drawer is filled and the accoutrements on the top are not glued down so it can be arranged as you like.

I added a little vignette in the right cupboard compartment ~ 

I labeled the bottles with the names of uncommon herbs and added a few unlabeled bottles ~

I made two open books to go with the cupboard with pictures of herbs and flowers ~

The mushroom drawer ~

A pretty potion drawer, even the drawer pulls are pretty ~

A flower drawer ~

All the drawers, the big bottom drawer contains aged papers, scrolls, leaves and moss ~

The cupboard back is embellished with pretty flower filigree and vintage glass jewels with a touch of glitter ~

The top contents and left compartment accoutrements are loose so you may arrange them to your liking ~

I built custom drawer pulls and used beautiful vintage lily pad findings to open the cupboard doors ~

The cupboard with the loose accoutrements arranged differently ~

I will be listing The Herbalist in my Etsy shop Dark Squirrel tomorrow.
I will be back soon with more news on personal projects I have started......

Till next time ~



  1. I love how you make all your paint work shine! Its truly a gift! Will need to purchase some of those herb books for grandmama's basement in the future! hugs, Ara

  2. Thank you Ara! I am working on grandmama's cauldron :)


  3. OOOOHH, Victoria! This is DIVINE!!! I Wish I could splurge right now.... :(
    Don't be hard on yourself about the Wedding...!!! I KNOW how you feel.... but it is supposed to be Fun.... and you can just blame it on the Dastardly Count... or now that he has shown his face... blame it on the wrong phase of the Moon or his True Love having second Thoughts.... !!! I do understand and just enjoy seeing glimpses of what you are up to.... especially when your work is SO Divine!

  4. Thank you Betsy! You are so right, I just have not been in the wedding frame of mind LOL. I have really missed blogging.


  5. Ce buffet est remarquable et ce qu'il contient l'est tout autant!! c'est magique!!

  6. Hello Victoria,
    Oh! Well done! The cabinet is just beautiful and so well stocked. Every detail is great, but i really love the books you made. The entire piece is just perfect for any magic themed project...It makes me think of the Pantry in bedknobs and broomsticks.
    Big hug,

  7. Love this cabinet, Victoria! The colours are great and I love all the paper works you made.:) Beautiful work!

  8. I'm especially drawn to the flower drawer! :D All of it is amazing, so intricate.

  9. Gorgeous work, Victoria!I especially love the flower drawer too! It is great to hear from you, BTW, story or no story. So many people have been missing from blogland anyway, so fall or winter would be perfect for a story! :-D xo Jennifer

  10. Wow fantastic cabinet. All the details are amazing. Wonderful work.
    Hugs Maria

  11. That cabinet is simply breathtaking, every single detail you added fits perfect together and was chosen and made with so much care - stunning. And I really like that colour, a nice combination. - Good to have you back, but don't worry about the wedding, let the celebration start whenever you feel about it. In my opinion marrying on Halloween would be the best date to choose... no chance to forget the wedding anniversary... ;O)


  12. Oh Victoria, you have outdone yourself! This little apothecary cabinet is just divine and delightful. Such great attention to detail. I especially love the little drawers and the books. And the jars with the content tags hanging from them. I just love the whole piece. Glad to know that you are still out there working your magic. I understand all too well how difficult it is to keep up with the blogging when real life demands attention. Thank you for taking time to post and share. Have a great weekend my friend! :o)

  13. I'm without words, I love it!! Hugs

  14. Ok Vic, your Herbalist cabinet will be a hit! It's got to be my fav thus far :):) Those drawers and their! You just keep getting better!

    Which brings me to the next point...don't ever stop blogging because you have not completed what you said you would. I no longer let these things stress me. I am so behind on my giveaways too! Oh my god! But I think my friends will understand because what's the point of fun things to do when they stop becoming fun. You make such pretty things that I will love to read about them :).

    Do a great wedding not a rush one :) unless it's a shotgun marriage ??!

  15. welcome back I'm so glad to see you again :) I've missed you like the dickens. Hope you enjoyed your summer vacation

    Marisa :)

    PS weddings are over rated so don't worry about it :)

  16. This is so perfect!! I love everything inside and out. The books with the ferns, the little mushroom and scrolls, the tiny envelopes. Oh it's so beautiful!!

  17. This person is using this image to sell pagan supplies on Ebay. I thought I was bidding on the cabinet